Fujifilm XF 200mm F2 R LM OIS WR Review

Professional photographers and wildlife enthusiasts who demand excellent telephoto reach will find the Nikon Z 800mm f/6.3 VR S lens to be a fantastic addition to Nikon’s acclaimed Z series portfolio. This lens is designed to cater specifically to their needs. This lens boasts unmatched levels of performance and image quality thanks to its well-planned and executed design.

Long-range photography has been revolutionized because of this camera’s superior build quality, cutting-edge focusing mechanism, and powerful vibration reduction features. The Z 800mm f/6.3 VR S lens provides great images and an immersive shooting experience regardless of whether it is being used to photograph faraway wildlife, sporting events, or astronomical objects.

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Fujinon XF200mmF2 R LM OIS WR Lens with XF1.4X TC...

Key Specs

  • Lens type: Fujinon XF200mmF2 R LM OIS WR
  • Lens configuration: 19 elements in 14 groups (includes 2 ED elements, 1 Super ED element)
  • Focal length: 200mm (305mm in 35mm format equivalent)
  • Angle of view: 8.1°
  • Maximum aperture: F2
  • Minimum aperture: F22
  • Aperture control: 9 rounded diaphragm blades, 1/3EV step size (22 steps)
  • Focus range: 1.8m to infinity
  • Maximum magnification: 0.12x
  • External dimensions (Diameter x Length): Approximately ø122mm x 205.5mm
  • Weight: Approximately 2,265g
  • Filter size: ø105mm
  • Accessories included: Lens cap FLCP-105, Lens rear cap RLCP-001, Lens hood, Shoulder strap, Lens case


Even at extremely long focal lengths, the outstanding optical performance of the Nikon Z 800mm f/6.3 VR S lens is still there. This lens is a powerful performer. This lens has an incredible reach thanks to its 800mm focal length and brilliant f/6.3 maximum aperture; it also maintains exceptional picture quality throughout the whole zoom range.

The lens uses cutting-edge optics from Nikon, such as elements made of Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) glass and a coating called Nano Crystal Coat, to decrease chromatic aberrations, flare, and ghosting. The end result is an image with remarkable clarity and contrast.

Autofocus System

Even while focusing on things that are moving quickly, the autofocus (AF) technology of the lens is so sophisticated that it assures pinpoint accuracy and lightning-fast speed.

The Multi-Focus System with subject tracking makes use of a variety of technologies, including phase-detection AF and deep learning, to acquire and track subjects with pinpoint precision. It provides dependable performance even in difficult situations and makes it easier for photographers to capture important moments as they happen.

Vibration Reduction

The Z 800mm f/6.3 VR S lens has an efficient Vibration Reduction (VR) system built into it. This technology reduces the amount of camera shake that occurs during handheld photography at slower shutter speeds, making it possible to use longer exposures.

The VR mechanism corrects for both angular and linear motions, resulting in picture stabilization that is increased by up to five stops. This function is especially useful for photographing distant subjects or in low-light conditions, both of which make it difficult to use a tripod. The VR system contributes to the delivery of photos that are crisper and improves the experience of shooting as a whole.

Build Quality

The Z 800mm f/6.3 VR S lens from Nikon features a remarkable build quality, assuring its endurance and dependability even in challenging shooting situations. The lens has a sturdy design that is weather-sealed, which protects it from dust, moisture, and other harsh factors. This construction gives photographers the confidence to shoot in a variety of conditions.

Because the lens barrel is constructed out of materials that are lightweight but sturdy, it is simple to handle and reduces the risk of tiredness during extended usage. The front element of the lens has been coated with fluorine, which repels dirt, moisture, and fingerprints. This helps to keep the lens clean, which in turn helps to maintain the highest possible picture quality.

Handling and Ergonomics

The Z 800mm f/6.3 VR S lens features an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use, and it also features controls that are easy to understand, allowing for smooth operation. When shooting handheld or with the lens mounted on a tripod, the photographer will experience less strain thanks to the lens’s balanced design and low weight.

It has a control ring that can be customized, which makes it possible to make quick and simple modifications to a variety of settings, such as the aperture or the exposure compensation. Additionally, the lens has a focus ring that is silky smooth and very quick, which enables fine manual focusing whenever it is wanted. An enjoyable shooting experience may be had thanks to the lens’s well-designed and well-thought-out construction.

Image Stabilization

The Z 800mm f/6.3 VR S lens from Nikon is equipped with Nikon’s superior image stabilization technology, which helps generate clearer shots by compensating for blur caused by camera shake. The in-lens stabilization technology works in concert with the sensor-shift stabilization of the camera to provide a higher level of stability than either system could achieve working alone.

This dual approach not only provides optimal performance but also enables photographers to shoot handheld at slower shutter speeds without sacrificing the quality of their images. The image stabilization function of the lens helps generate images that are clearer and more detailed regardless of whether the subject being photographed is a faraway animals or fast-moving sports activity.

Shooting Experience

A compelling shooting experience is provided by the Nikon Z 800mm f/6.3 VR S lens. This lens enables photographers to explore new creative possibilities and push the limits of their telephoto skills. The lens is particularly effective at bringing distant items into focus and bringing out subtle features when used to photograph them. The subject’s prominence is increased as a result of the large aperture’s ability to create excellent bokeh and exquisite separation from the backdrop.

Every single shot will be crisp and well-focused thanks to the autofocus system’s lightning-fast response time and pinpoint accuracy, in addition to the superb picture quality provided by the lens. Because of its flexible performance, the Z 800mm f/6.3 VR S lens is equally suited for photographing animals, sporting events, and astronomical subjects.

Image Quality

The Z 800mm f/6.3 VR S lens really excels when it comes to the quality of the images it creates. Because of its cutting-edge optical design and components made of high-quality glass, it is capable of producing images that are astonishingly crisp and detailed. The lens produces images of the subject with an extraordinary level of clarity, colors that are true to life, and very few distortions. Because to the Nano Crystal Coat’s ability to successfully decrease lens flare and ghosting, photographers are now able to produce shots with rich contrast even while working in difficult lighting circumstances.

The lens’s exceptional performance is maintained across the entirety of its aperture range, resulting in stunning images captured over the entire frame. The picture quality of the Z 800mm f/6.3 VR S lens is dependably superb, regardless of whether it is being used with the aperture wide open (at f/6.3) or stopped down (for a greater depth of focus).

Teleconverter Compatibility

The Z 800mm f/6.3 VR S lens is compatible with Nikon’s teleconverters, making it an attractive option for photographers who want an even larger telephoto reach. The lens is compatible with the specialized Nikon Z Teleconverter TC-1.4x and TC-2.0x, which allow the user to expand the focal length of the lens to either 1120mm (when combined with the 1.4x teleconverter) or 1600mm when used in conjunction with the 2.0x teleconverter.

This compatibility gives more adaptability and enhances the possibilities of the lens, enabling photographers to get even closer to objects that are further away without compromising the image quality. Because of the superb optics of the lens as well as its compatibility with teleconverters, it is an excellent option for people who are looking for a telephoto performance that is unrivaled.

Comparison with Competitors

The Nikon Z 800mm f/6.3 VR S stands out as a leading contender in the field of super-telephoto lenses due to its exceptional capabilities and cheap pricing. It stands out from the competitors because to the amazing image quality it captures, its sophisticated focusing mechanism, and the efficient vibration reduction it provides. Even though other companies produce super-telephoto lenses with focal lengths comparable to those offered by Nikon, the latter’s integration with the Z series mirrorless system offers additional advantages.

These advantages include improved handling, enhanced focusing capabilities, and seamless integration with Nikon’s ecosystem of lenses and accessories. Even in hard shooting settings, the Z 800mm f/6.3 VR S lens is able to offer superb image quality, making it a fantastic choice for both professional photographers and amateurs who are interested in wildlife photography.


Lens configuration19 elements 14 groups (includes 2 ED elements, 1 Super ED element)
Focal lengthf=200mm (305mm in 35mm format equivalent)
Angle of view8.1°
Max. apertureF2
Min. apertureF22
Aperture controlNumber of blades: 9 (rounded diaphragm opening)
Step size: 1/3EV (22 steps)
Focus range1.8m – ∞
Max. magnification0.12x
External dimensionsDiameter x Length*1 (approx.): ø122mm x 205.5mm
Weight(approx.): 2,265g
Filter sizeø105mm
Accessories includedLens cap FLCP-105
Lens rear cap RLCP-001
Lens hood
Shoulder strap
Lens case

Pros and Cons


  • An impressively long telephoto reach with a focal length of 800 millimeters.
  • Superior autofocus technology that allows for quick and accurate focusing.
  • Vibration Reduction (VR) solution that is both effective and portable for handheld shooting.
  • Superior workmanship combined with effective weatherproofing ensures long life.
  • It possesses a pleasant feel in hand and has controls that are easy to understand for a smooth shooting experience.
  • Outstanding picture quality, with very few instances of aberration or distortion.
  • Support for Nikon’s teleconverters, which allow for a more excellent range of motion.


  • Because of its size and weight, shooting for lengthy periods of time requires extra assistance from the operator.
  • The maximum aperture is f/6.3, which is rather tiny and restricts performance in low-light situations.
  • Due to the product’s high price point, purchasing it will need a significant commitment from photographers.

Price and Availability

The Nikon Z 800mm f/6.3 VR S lens is a premium product that is aimed at wildlife lovers and professional photographers who require extraordinary telephoto capabilities. As a result of this, the cost is significantly more than that of lenses that are considered standard. It is anticipated that the lens will be offered for purchase at a variety of approved Nikon shops, including internet merchants.

Because of the specialized nature of the product, there is a possibility that there may be a limited supply. Prospective purchasers are encouraged to check with their neighborhood merchants or the official website of Nikon for the most recent information on price and availability.

$5,000.14 $5,999.95 3 used from $3,500.00 2 new from $4,999.00
in stock
Fujinon XF200mmF2 R LM OIS WR Lens with XF1.4X TC...


A fantastic telephoto lens that pushes the limits of what is possible in telephoto photography is the Nikon Z 800mm f/6.3 VR S lens. It offers an incredible shooting experience and produces stunning image quality because of its exceptional performance, sophisticated autofocus system, effective vibration reduction, and superb build quality, which all contribute to the camera’s overall package. Although its huge size, somewhat narrow aperture, and the hefty price tag may pose issues for some photographers, those who want the farthest telephoto reach and uncompromising image quality will find the Z 800mm f/6.3 VR S lens to be a worthwhile investment.

This lens has a maximum aperture of 6.3 millimeters and a maximum focal length of 800 millimeters. Photographers that have this lens in their toolkit have the capability of capturing breathtaking photographs of faraway wildlife, sporting events, or astronomical objects with an unprecedented level of detail and clarity.

Fujifilm XF 200mm F2 R LM OIS WR FAQs

Q. Is the Fujifilm XF 200mm F2 R LM OIS WR lens weather-resistant?
A. Yes, the Fujifilm XF 200mm F2 R LM OIS WR lens is weather-resistant. It features a robust construction that protects it from dust, moisture, and harsh weather conditions, allowing photographers to confidently use it in various environments.
Q. What is the maximum aperture of the Fujifilm XF 200mm F2 R LM OIS WR lens?
A. The Fujifilm XF 200mm F2 R LM OIS WR lens has a maximum aperture of F2. This wide aperture allows for excellent low-light performance, enables selective focus with a shallow depth of field, and provides beautiful bokeh for subject separation.
Q. Does the Fujifilm XF 200mm F2 R LM OIS WR lens have image stabilization?
A. Yes, the Fujifilm XF 200mm F2 R LM OIS WR lens features built-in optical image stabilization (OIS). This stabilization system helps to minimize camera shake and allows photographers to capture sharper images, especially when shooting handheld or in low-light conditions.
Q. What is the equivalent focal length of the Fujifilm XF 200mm F2 R LM OIS WR lens in 35mm format?
A. The Fujifilm XF 200mm F2 R LM OIS WR lens has a focal length of 200mm. In 35mm format equivalent, this translates to approximately 305mm. This long focal length is ideal for telephoto photography, including sports, wildlife, and portrait photography.
Q. Is the Fujifilm XF 200mm F2 R LM OIS WR lens compatible with Fujifilm’s X-series cameras?
A. Yes, the Fujifilm XF 200mm F2 R LM OIS WR lens is designed specifically for Fujifilm’s X-series mirrorless cameras. It utilizes the X-mount system, ensuring seamless compatibility with Fujifilm’s X-series camera bodies.

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