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The GoPro Hero 10 Black has been updated to make it more adaptable and better in low-light situations.

Owners of the GoPro Hero 10 Black have received an end-of-year gift in the shape of a major software upgrade that adds three new functions, including a 24fps option.

The firmware upgrade, which you can get today via the Quik app, was first launched as a beta in early November and is now being sent out in full just in time for the holidays.

The most significant change, at least for those who like a more ‘cinematic’ aesthetic, is the inclusion of a 24fps option in 5.3K, 5K, 4K, and 1080p resolutions. While higher frame rates are preferable for fast-action sequences, 24 frames per second have long been the industry standard — and fewer frames per second permit more light to reach the sensor.

This will most likely have a minimal effect, but it should help with low-light performance in some scenarios. If you like to include more of the scene in your mountain bike films, the SuperView option (which is also new with this firmware upgrade) should be a welcome addition.

This mode successfully extends the sensor’s 4:3 aspect ratio into a wider 16:9 view, while maintaining image quality by utilizing the entire sensor’s capacity. It’s especially useful for recording POV (point-of-view) films with mounts such as the Chesty because the wide-angle perspective allows you to capture more of the scene.

However, if that still isn’t enough of a field of vision for you, the latest firmware update for the Hero 10 Black now includes compatibility for GoPro’s Max Lens Mod attachment. You can get the broadest possible GoPro field of vision (155 degrees) by purchasing this extra device, which costs $99.99 / £89.99 / AU$159.95. It also allows the Hero 10 Black to deliver even better Max HyperSmooth stabilization.

It accomplishes this by cropping into a larger field of vision, which means that you can only video at a maximum resolution of 2.7K while using the Max Lens Mod on your camera. However, the enhanced stability and automated horizon-leveling, which are both perfect for capturing first-person action sports, are the most significant advantages.

Extras are nice, but the new Enduro battery is the real thing

The release of this firmware upgrade coincides with the debut of GoPro’s new Enduro battery. Since its announcement in early December, this battery has shown to be compatible with the Hero 10 Black, and it claims to boost recording times while also improving cold-weather performance.

We haven’t had a chance to put the Enduro battery through its paces yet, but if the company’s promises are correct, it will most likely be more beneficial than the most recent firmware upgrade for the vast majority of customers. In addition, GoPro claims that the Enduro, which can be purchased for $24.99 / £24.99 / AU$39.95, improves record times by as much as 40% (in 4K/120p mode) and can operate in temperatures as low as 14°F / -10°C (in 4K/120p mode).

Having said that, the latest firmware update for the Hero 10 Black is a good addition, particularly given the fact that the last firmware update was released to address some overheating concerns that mostly affected the camera’s 60fps mode.

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While the new SuperView mode and Max Lens Mod compatibility are particularly useful if you shoot a lot of POV action sports scenarios, we can see the 24fps option becoming particularly popular with vloggers and filmmakers who utilize their GoPro as a tough B-camera in the near future.

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