Sitting behind the flagship Hero 9 Black and just above the Hero 7 Black, the GoPro Hero 8 Black is now the middle child in GoPro’s action camera lineup. It would be the right option for many users, after you have taken value into account-while you lack the front-facing screen and 5K camera powers of the current flagship, its performance is otherwise largely the same as its pricier twin.

GoPro Hero8 Black: Price

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GoPro Hero8 Black: Features

  • HyperSmooth 2.0
  • TimeWarp 2.0
  • Live burst photos
  • Improved HDR
  • Better low light image processing
  • RAW Photos 
  • 100Mbps bitrate for 4K and 2.7K
  • Capture presets

Wondering if the Hero 8 Black, the Hero 7 Black, built on its predecessor? Here is all the major new characteristics it launched.

HyperSmooth 2.0

The things you want an action camera to record more frequently than not do not really give you much room to worry about the design of the image, so wide-angle lenses and on-camera stabilization are important. This is why GoPro has concentrated on making its video stabilization feature HyperSmooth much better here. HyperSmooth 2.0 is now available in all resolutions and frame rates, improving what GoPro said last year was the best video stabilization available on-camera.

Three stabilization modes are given by HyperSmooth 2.0: On, High, and Boost. The first two will cut 10 percent to buffer any bumps from the wide lens angle, while the Boost mode cuts even closer to take the edge off the intense camera bounces when you do something serious. HyperSmooth 2.0 offers stabilization capabilities for 120fps and 240 fps slow motion video, but Boost mode is limited to framerates of 60fps and below.

The HyperSmooth 2.0 algorithm also produces any jitteriness in shots that are meant to pan smoothly, although it is outstanding in any forward moving shots. That said, for fast-paced, forward-moving shots, stabilization is only really necessary, but as long as you remember to turn it off for something indoors or too cinematic, you should not have problems.

TimeWarp 2.0

The interval photography feature of GoPro, TimeWarp, has also been modified to make it look much better in time lapse clips where the camera is moving with the new stabilization program. If you want to show off the whole series of an incident within a short period without requiring a heap of editing, this is an excellent effect. The revised function has a new auto interval detection that adds more frames while there is a lot going on and stretches them out during lulls using an in-built accelerometer.

Photo updates

There are a few photo settings that do more to discourage you from taking pictures from getting your mobile out. The first is a LiveBurst mode that captures 1.5 seconds of a series of images on either side of the point where you press the record button, allowing you a 90 frame burst to pick the best one, which is perfect for tough moving pictures. The camera will now now allow you to save photographs in RAW and the Hero 8 Black app includes enhanced HDR images for dark pictures and night timelapse videos with a wide contrast range and improved low-light processing for scenes.

Capture Presets

The Hero collection has been readily accessible on the main interface for a long time with resolution, framerate, lens angle and zoom settings, but the Hero 8 Black adds Capture Presets. These adjustable settings allow you to preset and effortlessly turn between your desired 10 picture and color settings for different tasks, saving you a lot of time in the field.

However, once you’ve gotten used to the app, you know stuff like higher framerate shots aren’t ideal for low-light situations, the HyperSmooth Boost can’t do wide-angle lenses with high resolutions, and certain shots perform best for different color settings. There are a lot of things to remember, and while all of this may be manageable while looking at it at home, trying to solve it in the field can be a little daunting. This is where the latest Capture Presets really shine, as they allow you to configure your camera settings for particular events or styles of shots, and where you need to flick between them really quickly.

Video modes

There is also a new ‘Narrow’ lens viewpoint for capturing video or photographs of individuals (or close-ups) on the Hero 8 Black, in addition to the SuperView, Large and Linear optical lenses that were present on the Hero 7 Black. To make those high-resolution shots much more professional-looking videos for anyone able to spare the extra bandwidth, the maximum bitrate for 2.7K and 4K has been boosted from 75Mbps to 100Mbps. And feeds from Livestream will now be sent directly to Facebook, Youtube or your preferred streaming channel in Full HD 1080p resolution.

GoPro Hero8 Black: Build and handling 

  • Twice the shock resistance
  • In-built mount
  • Front-facing mic
  • Improved audio wind-resistance
  • 1-2 hour continuous battery life
  • 3h charge time

Since the Hero5 Black with the 33ft (10m) water resistance returning again this year, GoPro has kept on to the same tough specifications. However, with a new Corning Gorilla Glass lens cover on the Hero 8 Black providing double the impact tolerance of prior versions, there has been some change in the shock resistance.

GoPro cameras required an additional frame prior to the Hero 8 Black in order to install the snappers on, say, a tripod. But like the GoPro Hero 9 Black, this action cam has a pair of foldable hinges (called “fingers” by the company) at the base of the body that can be used to mount the camera on a wide variety of GoPro mounts or tucked away for a flat bottom while not in use.

A helpful feature that saves you a lot of time, in the long run, is this new in-built mount with magnetic clasping. However, the battery door has been moved from the bottom to the right edge of the unit due to the inclusion of the mounting arms and is equipped with a new mechanism that secures the unit with a tough compression latch.

Owing to the inclusion of the mounting arms, the GoPro Hero 8 Black is 0.35oz (10g) heavier than the Hero 7 Black, but if you consider the weight of the mounting plate, this optimized mounting mechanism makes it smaller than its predecessor. It’s both lighter and narrower than the Hero 7 Black by a few millimeters, and a hair taller at 2.61 x 1.91 x 112in (66.3 x 48.6 x 28.4mm).

There is a modern forward-facing microphone which is best situated in front of the camera to record any audio. This new mic incorporates improved wind resistance so that more of the sound you really like can be heard. For the GoPro, there is also an additional set of voice commands that allow you to turn the system on with a wake word or, if you like, modify command words.

While the lithium-ion battery of the Hero 8 Black is theoretically higher than the one used in the Hero 7 Black, the new camera still draws a little more power and thus ends up with an identical lifetime of 1,220mAh. The new Hero 8 Black batteries are backwards compatible, but without one of the newest higher discharge batteries, you won’t really be able to get all the functionality running on the Hero 8 Black, which is a little frustrating for those planning to use the Hero 7 Black battery as a spare.

That said, when filming consistently in 2.7 or 4K at high frame rates, the battery lasts around 50 minutes, but for lower quality footage or TimeWarp images, you can extend that out to something than 2 hours. If you need continuous recording time, you can buy additional batteries to change out, otherwise you’ll have to wait about 3 hours and 10 minutes to recharge the Hero 8 Black absolutely.

GoPro Hero8 Black: Conclusion

The GoPro Hero8 isn’t our dream action camera, but it’s simpler to use than its larger counterparts, and the screen is still good. The Hero4 can catch spectacular HD footage in well-lit conditions that have been very stable so far and are undeniably the best GoPro ever. The smart photo focus of a Sony RX100 II camera beats out all of its rivals in the industry.



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