How Instagram Reels are Hurting Photographers

Instagram has become one of the most popular venues for sharing visual information in this day and age when social media platforms dominate the online landscape. Instagram Reels, one of the app’s many features, has seen a substantial uptick in usage and popularity.

However, despite the fact that Instagram Reels offer a platform for creative expression and entertaining content, they have also presented certain difficulties for photographers. In this piece, we will investigate the effects that Instagram Reels have had on photographers and talk about the issues that have been raised in connection with this function.

The Rise of Instagram Reels

When it was first released in August of 2020, Instagram Reels soon became one of the most popular features available on the app. Users are given the ability to produce entertaining short films that may be put to music or audio snippets.

Users are given the ability to effortlessly make fascinating footage by making use of the numerous creative tools provided by Reels, which include a number of filters, effects, and editing choices.

How Instagram Reels Work

Users of Instagram may use the Reels camera from within the Instagram app to build their own Reels. They are able to capture and edit videos ranging from 15 to 60 seconds in length, adding text, music, and effects.

The Explore page, the Reels tab, and the feeds of other users all have reels, which ensures that they are highly visible to a large number of people.

The Impact on Photographers

Oversaturation of Content

The proliferation of Instagram Reels has resulted in an enormous flood of material, which has saturated the feeds of Instagram’s users. As a direct consequence of this, photographers are pitted against one another in an intense fight for attention and engagement.

Because there is a steady influx of reels, it can be difficult for photographers to distinguish themselves and have their work noticed.

Reduced Attention Span

Users’ attention spans have been getting shorter as a direct result of the proliferation of reels, which are only a few seconds long. Because there is such an amount of material that can be quickly and readily consumed, consumers are less likely to take the time to appreciate the intricate details of an image that has been carefully made.

This change in consumer behavior presents a challenge for photographers who are looking for opportunities to demonstrate their aesthetic vision and their ability to convey a narrative.

Lack of Appreciation for Quality

Due of the rapid-fire nature of Instagram Reels, novelty and entertainment value are frequently given more weight than concerns regarding quality and significance. It is possible that the creativity and technical expertise necessary for photography may be devalued as a result of the emphasis on rapid satisfaction.

As a consequence of this, photographers may discover that it becomes more difficult to obtain credit and admiration for their work on a platform that is dominated by content that is designed to garner attention for a limited amount of time.

Diminishing Revenue Opportunities

Instagram has become a crucial medium for professional photographers to use to exhibit their portfolios and gain clients. On the other hand, the proliferation of reels has taken the spotlight away from still photographs, which may have the effect of lowering demand for traditional photographic services.

Photographers who make their living from their trade will face difficulties maintaining their financial stability as a result of this transformation.

Challenges for Aspiring Photographers

Aspiring photographers frequently face an uphill fight while trying to grow their careers and get attention for their work. Their difficulties are made much more difficult by the domination of Reels. It is possible for the pressure to adhere to trends and generate material that goes viral to obscure the process of developing a distinctive artistic style.

In addition to this, the oversaturation of the market makes it more difficult for up-and-coming talent in the photography business to obtain recognition and establish themselves as professionals.

Maintaining Relevance in the Reels Era

Photographers are able to adapt and survive in this constantly changing scene, despite the obstacles presented by Instagram Reels.

The following are some tactics that may be utilized to ensure continued relevance and get the most out of the platform:

Nurturing a Personal Brand

In order to stand out in a competitive industry, photographers may separate themselves by developing their own unique personal brands. Photographers have the ability to build a devoted audience that enjoys their work beyond the fleeting nature of reels by showing their individual approaches to composition, points of view, and areas of expertise.

Collaborating with Influencers

Photographers have a better chance of reaching more people if they work with influential people who already have a sizable fan base. Photographers are able to produce interesting material that strikes a chord with viewers if they combine their abilities with those of influencers and use the former’s audience.

Leveraging Unique Perspectives

Photographers have the ability to present a new viewpoint by utilizing their creative vision and narrative skills. Photographers have the ability to produce fascinating content that stands out from the plethora of Reels they may choose from by infusing tales and emotional depth into their work.

Educating the Audience

Photographers may utilize Reels as a resource for furthering their knowledge and exchanging ideas about their work with one another. They may engage and educate their audience, which can result in the development of a greater appreciation for the art of photography. This can be accomplished by providing hints, behind-the-scenes looks, and lessons.


Instagram Reels have, without question, brought about a sea change in the manner in which consumers interact with visual material; nonetheless, they have presented difficulties for photographers. The ability of photographers to achieve fame and cash has been hampered as a result of an overabundance of material, shortened attention spans, and a shift in customer tastes toward novelty and entertainment.

Photographers may successfully traverse the Reels age and continue to grow if they adopt tactics to keep relevance. These techniques include cultivating a personal brand, partnering with influencers, utilizing unique viewpoints, and educating the public.


Q. Are Instagram Reels only detrimental to photographers?
A. No, Instagram Reels have benefits as well, providing a platform for creative expression and entertainment. However, photographers face specific challenges due to the nature of the content and the shift in user behavior.
Q. Can photographers still gain exposure on Instagram despite the rise of Reels?
A. Yes, by implementing strategies like nurturing a personal brand and leveraging unique perspectives, photographers can still gain exposure and attract a dedicated audience.
Q. Are there any alternative platforms for photographers to showcase their work?
A. Yes, platforms like 500px and Behance cater specifically to photographers and offer a focused environment for showcasing their portfolios.
Q. Do photographers need to incorporate Reels into their marketing strategy?
A. It depends on the photographer’s goals and target audience. While Reels can provide additional visibility, they are not essential for every photographer and may not align with their artistic vision.
Q. How can photographers adapt to the changing landscape of social media?
A. Photographers can adapt by embracing new technologies, staying updated on industry trends, and actively engaging with their audience through various platforms while staying true to their unique style and vision.

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