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The Most Important Zoom Lenses to Have for Landscape Photography

When it comes to landscape photography, you certainly have the option of using prime lenses; but, the vast majority of experts like the versatility and simplicity offered by zoom lenses. Therefore, which zoom lenses are absolutely necessary for a landscape photographer to have? An accomplished photographer who specializes in landscape photography provides commentary in this top-notch video instruction on the three zoom lenses that are required for the field.

This fantastic video is brought to you by Mark Denney, and in it, he outlines three zoom lenses that are indispensable for landscape photography. Even though proponents of prime lenses will tell you that you can “zoom with your feet,” the impact is not the same with a zoom, and additionally, relocating to a new spot physically is not always sensible or even practicable when working with landscapes.

In addition to that, the method that landscape photographers often work frequently reduces some of the benefits that are offered by prime lenses. For instance, the vast majority of landscape photographs are taken at apertures of approximately f/8 or f/11, which is the point at which the majority of lenses achieve their maximum level of sharpness. As a result, problems with wide-open sharpness are typically not an issue.

On top of that, weight is frequently a factor to consider, and it is wonderful to only have to carry one lens rather than two or three different ones. Watch the video that’s been provided above to get the complete story from Denney.

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