The Leica M2 camera of the late photographer Charles Gatewood is for sale for $16,000

In the late 1980s, when Gatewood moved to San Francisco, the late photographer Charles Gatewood met the artist David Glenn Rinehart. Based on Gatewood’s body of work, which covers a wide range of topics like social protest, alternative culture, celebrity portraits, rock and roll, body modification, and much more, Rinehart thought Gatewood would be intimidating or “maybe even a little scary,” but that was so far from the truth.

Gatewood did almost everything in his career. He died in San Francisco in 2016 at the age of 73. He took pictures, wrote, made videos, and taught, among other things. He wrote more than a dozen books and did about 50 shows where he was the only performer.

Rinehart made a website for Gatewood to use as a “calling card” when trying to sell his archive, and Gatewood gave Rinehart the Leica M2 camera that he used to take many of his famous photos. Rinehart is selling the camera and the 50mm Dual-Range Summicron lens that came with it. Rinehart’s favorite charity will get the money from the sale. There has been some interest in the listing, so Rinehart will not sell it until October 1. He wants to help people in need by giving as much money as he can. You can find out more about the sale on Craigslist.

The Gatewood archives did find a home because of Rinehart’s website for Gatewood. The Bancroft Library at the University of California in Berkeley is where you can find them. There are about 83,000 negatives and prints, plus documentaries, manuscripts, diaries, and other things, in Gatewood’s archives. It’s too bad that the archive is not online.

But with the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, you can see some of Gatewood’s work and find out more about his career. Vice and Sensitive Skin have more of Gatewood’s work. In 1985, Gatewood got the Leica Medal of Excellence for Outstanding Humanistic Photojournalism for his book “Wall Street.” This was just one of the many honors and awards he got.

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