Leica Q2 Review

The Leica Q has been around our set of best compact cameras for quite a while, even regardless of its luxury price. And it’s been there for good cause… our reviewers adored it, rather than least for its image quality. And the Q2 is quite likely to not merely replace the Leica Q in our list when we have already been able to execute a full field and laboratory test – additionally it is likely to reset the bar for small camera performance.

The big switch to the camera may be the sensor. The Leica Q2 boasts a 47.3-megapixel full-body sensor – giving double the resolution of its predecessor. That means it is among the highest resolution cameras out there – including professional DSLRs and mirrorless digital cameras. In fact, we suspect that the sensor in the Leica Q2 is equivalent to will be within the Panasonic Lumix S1R, which continues on sale later on this month.

Leica Q2: Price

Leica Q2: Features

The Leica Q is among the best selling cameras in Leica’s illustrious background. And even after almost four years on sale, the camera continues to be back again ordered. The Q2 instantly replaces its predecessor, in fact, it is clear that Leica wished to give a genuine upgrade to the camera without changing the essential concept.

A key point is the Summilux 28mm f/1.7 Asph wide-angle lens remains similar. Unusually for a compact, this offers complete manual focus control, along with range scales, and a particular macro mode. Nevertheless, you can also utilize this lens in a variety of autofocus modes too. In AF or MF, there is a wide variety of features to make sure that your target region is in sharp concentrate. Peak focusing is without a doubt probably the most useful because of this, but there is car magnification as well. And in AF the options are the super-useful face detection setting.

Although the zoom lens is fixed – so there is no zoom, and no opportunity to update your optics – you perform to get a group of crop choices. You can shoot at a highly effective 35mm, 500mm and 75mm establishing – with a corresponding drop in quality to 30MP, 14.7MP and 6.6MP respectively. You could of the program simply crop the picture in camera instead – nonetheless, it is a neat substitute for have for social press posting, for example.

Unlike the Leica Q, the Q2 right now provides 4K video shooting. You get yourself a choice of standard 4K format (3840×2160 pixels) – or you can choose Cinema 4K with an answer of 4096×2160 pixels). You get yourself a selection of 30fps or 24fps frame prices with 4K, but simply 24fps with C4K. Switch right down to Total HD, and you get useful slo-mo options of 120fps or 60fps.

Leica Q2: Handling

The closest rival to the Leica Q2 is normally Sony’s RX1R II, which has a 42-megapixel full-frame sensor in a concise camera with a set 35mm zoom lens. But one big benefit that the Leica provides over this is that it has an eye-level electronic viewfinder, and also an LCD display on the back.

Actually, the EVF is a pleasure to use, with plenty of detail from its 3.68 million dots. It activates instantly as you set up to your vision. This display has been redesigned from the main one on the Q, and today features an OLED screen.

The LCD continues to be a 3in. 1.04 million dot affair – which has the distinct benefit of being touch-sensitive to be able to control features with no need to dig into menus unnecessarily. One drawback that needs to be noted, nevertheless, is that the display is fixed – so can’t be flipped or angled to assist you with bright sunlight, or even to each shooting a graphic from above your mind or from the walkout.

Autofocus is usually fast and responsive – and as we’ve previously said there exists a good selection of autofocus choices to shoot with (which includes Multipoint, One Stage, Tracking, Face Detection, Contact AF). But it may be the ease with which you are able to change to manual (and back) this is the real pleasure. The focus ring simply comes with an AF position onto it, just beyond infinity.

And also this focus band, and the mechanical aperture ring, additionally there is the macro band, which when engaged enables you to concentrate from 0.17m to 0.3m – although with such a broad lens, you don’t get yourself a particularly amazing magnification ratio.

Leica includes a deserved status for beautifully machined digital cameras, with dials that feel just like they experienced the hand craftsmanship that provides the business with its luxury position. But with this camera, you are feeling they have gone very much further with this.

Leica Q2: Battery life

Battery existence is rated at 350 photos relating to Leica / CIPA test outcomes, which is affordable but may mean you will want to invest in an extra battery. The Q2 runs on the new battery pack, with a 1860mAh capability. You can’t charge the battery in the camera, as there is absolutely no USB interface, or HDMI out port, or any additional ports for example.

Leica Q2: Conclusion

The Leica Q is definitely one of the well-known points and shoots… and predicated on our brief practical we can already believe that Q2 can be a new love inside our life.

Yes, the Leica Q2 is expensive – but if you’d like the absolute in luxurious cameras, that is it. It really is equally in the home as a completely manual road camera, or as a computerized point-and-shoot. And boy will that 47-megapixel sensor deliver! Searching at the quick pictures we shot at the press release, there is definitely a lot of detail in the documents to delve into.

In case you have got the money, obtain your name on the waiting around list… as there is likely to be a long, lengthy queue for the Leica Q2.


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