Leica S2 Review

Leica S2 Review

The extraordinary photographic quality of digital medium format can now be yours in a design that is both compact and ergonomic thanks to the Leica S2 SLR Digital Camera (Body Only). With its big 30x45mm CCD sensor, the S2 can capture images with 37.5 megapixels in the traditional 3:2 aspect ratio.

The body is designed to deliver the highest possible resolution while maintaining a compact form factor, and it takes on the appearance of a contemporary 35mm DSLR. The camera can be navigated quickly and easily thanks to controls that have been thoughtfully crafted and a menu structure that has been streamlined. The camera can output a RAW file that is an astounding 72.5 MB or a JPG image that is 106.6 MB. This reveals a picture larger than 16 by 24 inches “at 300 DPI.

The 3 “LCD screen allows you to see your photographs while you are out and about, and the Color OLED window gives you a quick glimpse at the camera’s information. In addition, you have the option of working tethered to your computer in the studio by connecting to it using the LEMO push-pull USB adapter. Seals impervious to moisture and dust, in addition to a magnesium body, ensure that a professional performance will be delivered even under the most difficult of circumstances.

In contrast to conventional medium format systems, the Leica S2 makes use of a combination of Central Shutter technology (which allows for flash sync of up to 1/500) and a focal-plane shutter, which allows for the capture of subjects illuminated by ambient light at speeds of up to 1/4000 of a second. This one-of-a-kind dual-shutter technology gives photographers an astounding amount of shooting versatility for various jobs, from fashion to reportage.

Other features include a variety of S-System lenses, improved focusing capabilities, a broad ISO sensitivity range (ISO 80-1250), dual card ports for CF and SD, and ISO sensitivity settings ranging from 80 to 1250. Because of this, as well as its precise design and handling, the Leica S2 is an ideal choice for professional photographers working in studios, commercial settings, and fine art.

Leica S2 Sensor

The image sensor of the Leica S2 has 37.5 megapixels, which is over 60 percent bigger than the image sensor of a 35mm full-frame camera. This places the Leica S2 in a category all by itself. In addition, it has been thoughtfully crafted to make the most of the most recent Leica S Series lenses.

Leica S2 Lenses

Regardless of the circumstances in which you take a photograph, the quality of the image you capture with Leica S lenses is guaranteed to be exceptional. You won’t see any vignetting or distortion in your photographs, regardless of whether you shoot at a close range, a tight zoom, or at a wide angle, because the lenses have been developed with the S-System sensor in mind when they were constructed.

In addition to being resistant to water and dust, the S lenses use the camera’s inbuilt central shutter to improve their responsiveness and synchronize with flashes.

Extensive Lens Choices

The Leica S-System lenses have various focal lengths, including standard, wide-angle, telephoto, and macro lenses. These lenses are designed to accommodate a broad range of photographic applications, including detailed product photos, travel photography, birdwatching, and many more. There is also a selection of specialized lenses that are either now on the market or are in the process of being developed. These lenses include shift-tilt, extreme telephoto, and ultra wide-angle lenses.

Leica S2 Airfoil Focusing System

The Auto Focus system included in the S2 is quick and accurate, and it does not need the user to engage in the process of trial and error to get the ideal focus. This is in contrast to the majority of other SLR AF systems. Additionally, the AF system is quite quiet.

You have the option to switch the camera to Manual Focus, and doing so activates an electronic sharpness alert, which ensures that the photos you capture using MF are as crisp as they possibly can be.

Leica S2 Dual Shutter System

A cutting-edge dual-shutter System has been included in the camera. The focal-plane shutter allows for rapid shutter speeds of up to 1/4000 of a second, and the central shutter that is built into the lens system allows for flash synchronization in any lighting mode, making the camera an excellent image system for studio use.

Leica S2 Processor

The proprietary MAESTRO Image Processor makes use of dual processor chips to provide quick operation and shooting speeds, as well as high ISO with almost no noise and an excellent range of powerful shooting modes. These benefits are made possible by the processor’s ability to utilize parallel processing. Additionally, the CPU permits the simultaneous recording of images in both the JPEG and DNG RAW file formats.

Leica S2 Screen

The 3.0 “LCD on the rear of the S2 boasts over 460,000 pixels for clear and detailed photos, making it easier to check focus and composition than on other digital SLR cameras. These features contribute to the camera’s overall excellent image quality. In addition, users can see images and data on the LCD screen from various angles.

Leica S2 Viewfinder

The viewfinder of the Leica S2 is exceptionally bright. In addition to displaying a picture that is clean and accurate, it also displays a variety of indications that provide information regarding the shooting. Because the viewfinder also features integrated diopter adjustment, users can obtain clear vision without needing corrective lenses in their eyewear.

Leica S2 OLED Display

The camera’s top features an Organic LED display that can show full color and is readable from any viewing position, even when the display is exposed to direct sunlight. It offers a means that is both quick and simple to find out the current condition of the camera, in addition to the exposure and focus settings of the camera.

Leica S2 Size

The Leica S2 is a digital single-lens reflex camera that is both lighter and smaller than the majority of digital SLR cameras that are currently on the market. Whether trudging through dense jungle or scrambling for a position at a press conference, the camera is a delight to carry around because of its low weight and compact design.

In addition, the thoughtful arrangement of the control buttons makes operating the camera a pleasurable and stress-free experience. There is also a vertical grip with a release button that can be purchased as an accessory for better portrait photography.

Leica S2 Functions

The menus and information displayed on the camera are organized in a manner that is logical and provides for intuitive operation. Additionally, the 4-way controller and thumb wheel on the camera is placed in an optimal location to provide comfortable access to the camera controls. In addition, the user can modify a large number of the display settings and capabilities of the camera, which adds even more convenience to the device.

Leica S2 Dust- & Water-Proof

Every millimeter of the Leica S2 is hermetically sealed against moisture and dust, allowing you to take photographs regardless of the weather or where you are, with the knowledge that your camera will continue to perform to the best of its abilities and produce stunning photographs.

Leica S2 Specs

Camera TypeMedium Format Digital SLR Camera
ResolutionRecorded: 37.5MP
Sensor30 x 45mm CCD
Bit Depth16-bit
File FormatsRAW, JPEG
File SizeRaw: 72.51 MB, JPG: 106.6 MB
Color SpacessRGB, Adobe RGB, ECI RGB
Creative Color ModesN/A
Image StabilizationNo
Crop FactorN/A
Lens MountLeica S-mount
Focus TypeAuto and Manual Focus
Focus RangeN/A
Accessory Lens/Filter MountN/A
Shooting Controls
SensitivityISO: 160-1250 (expandable to 80)
Shutter Speeds1/4000 – 8 sec, bulb
MeteringSpot, Center-weighted, Multi-field
Exposure ModesManual, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Program
White BalanceAuto, Day Light, Cloudy, Shadow, Tungsten, Fluorescent Warm, Fluorescent Cool, Flash, Manual, Color
Mirror Lock-UpYes
Burst Capability1.5 fps
Self Timer12 seconds or 2 seconds
Interval RecordingNo
Remote ControlRemote Release Cable S (optional)
Built-in FlashNo
Effective Flash RangeN/A
External Flash ConnectionHotshoe, PC Terminal
Dedicated Flash SystemNo
Max Sync SpeedFocal Plane Shutter: 1/125 sec
Central Shutter: 1/500 sec
Central Shutter flash sync requires Leica CS lenses
Built-in MemoryNo
Memory Card TypeCompactFlash I/II, SD/SDHC
Still Images per GBRAW: 11
A/V Recording
Video RecordingNo
Video ResolutionN/A
Video Clip LengthN/A
Audio RecordingNo
Viewfinder TypeEye-level Pentaprism
Viewfinder Coverage92.4%
Display3.0″ LCD
Connectivity/System Requirements
ConnectivityUSB 2.0 (LEMO design), HDMI (Type C)
System & Software RequirementsWindows XP, Vista
Mac OS X (10.5 or later)
Operating/Storage TemperatureOperating Temperature: 32-113°F/0-45°C
Battery TypeRechargeable Li-ion Battery
Power AdapterNo
Dimensions6.3 x 3.1 x 4.7″ (160 x 80 x 120mm) body only
Weight3.1 lbs (1410g)


Leica S2 FAQs

When was Leica S2 made?

Leica’s flagship medium format digital camera, the S2, was first shown to the public in 2008 and has been in production ever since.

What resolution is Leica S2?

The Leica S2 has a resolution of 37.5 megapixels, which was very high for its time, and still provides outstanding image quality today. This resolution was considered very high for the time it was released.

What is the ISO range of Leica S2?

The Leica S2 has an ISO range of 160-1250, which, while not as broad as the ranges offered by some modern cameras, is still sufficient for the vast majority of photography scenarios.

How big is Leica S2?

Compared to other digital cameras, the Leica S2 is relatively large and heavy because it measures approximately 160 x 120 x 80 mm (6.3 x 4.7 x 3.1 in) and weighs about 1.4 kg (3.1 lbs) without a connected lens. These dimensions and weight make it a relatively large and heavy camera.




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