Leica TL2 review

Leica might be most widely known because of its old-school M-series rangefinder cameras, but it additionally makes full-frame mirrorless and medium-format DSLRs for the professional marketplace. The TL2 reaches the contrary end of the number: it’s a style-conscious style statement that’s also designed to be considered a serious photographic tool.

Machined from an individual block of aluminum, the TL2 includes a slim, minimal appearance. There’s no viewfinder, although you can buy a clip-on Visioflex for an additional £350/$575. The twin dials at the top are unmarked and adapt different settings based on the shooting mode.

Inside there’s a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor teamed up with Leica’s Maestro II image processor. The TL2 has a new 49-stage AF program and an ISO selection of 100-50,000 and can shoot 4K video. Additionally, it may shoot stills at up to 20fps using its electronic shutter.

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Leica TL2: Price

Leica TL2: Build and handling

Unfortunately, the slim and elegant body is overbalanced by the Summilux-TL 35mm f/1.4 ASPH zoom lens supplied for our check, and the most frequent ‘bundled’ lens because of this camera.

It’s fast and sharp, but costs a lot more compared to the TL2 and produces a front-heavy mixture that doesn’t sit down well in the hands. The TL2 really requires a much less optically ambitious but smaller sized, pancake-style lens.

The minimalist controls look beautiful but have a little figuring out; some typically common adjustments are harder to access than you anticipate. The 3.7in touchscreen display is larger than normal and is effective.

As that is a Leica camera, you may expect some extra ‘style’ touches. One particular example may be the recessed lugs that you use to add a throat or wrist strap. The lugs use an easy-click system so you can quickly replace straps, and the actual fact that they recess into the mirrorless camera body results in wonderful clean lines.

Among the things that the brand new processor brings with it really is a noticeable difference in start-up period and operating speeds in comparison to the TL. Certainly, switching on the camera now takes simply 600 milliseconds, rendering it perfect for grabbing fleeting moments.

Leica TL2: Screen

The large screen at least picture composition easy – those people who are used to composing with a phone screen most likely won’t be bothered by having less a viewfinder. The position of view will often imply that reflections hinder your usage of the screen, specifically in bright sunlight, nonetheless, it actually copes pretty much.

I came across the screen includes a wide viewing angle so that you can see the image when the camera is usually above or below head-height, but certainly, it’s foreshortened. A tilting or variable mechanism will be useful.

There’s no more a pop-up flash, therefore again you’ll have to utilize the hot-footwear and use a flashgun if you want more light.

Leica TL2: Image Quality

At low, to mid-range sensitivity (ISO) the TL2 produces images with a lot of natural-looking detail. As the sensitivity rises, the TL2 does a good job of keeping sound away in jpeg pictures. The speckling is concealed well without very much softening or smearing so even images taken at the highest setting (ISO 50,000) look good at normal printing and looking at sizes.

Luminance noise is seen in raw files when they’re seen at 100%, but it’s not really excessive and the outcomes look proficient at normal viewing sizes. Even at the best ISO worth, there’s no clumping or banding noticeable.

Nevertheless, shooting at ISO 25,000 produces far better results than ISO 50,000, so I’d keep that as the utmost if possible. By enough time you drop to ISO 12,500, the email address details are very great and noise virtually disappears once you drop to ISO 1600 or lower.

Leica TL2: Performance

When everything’s great, the camera and aforementioned 35mm f/1.4 lens can change in a few super-sharp results. Nevertheless, there’s no picture stabilization and the autofocus isn’t especially fast, and the latter also threw us a curveball several times by focusing on the incorrect issue, despite what it demonstrated on the screen.

The auto white stability system does an excellent job, but many TL2 users may possibly shoot Raw documents and adjust colors in post creation. The TL2’s metering system, nevertheless, gave us dependable exposures throughout our assessment and has judged the moments shows upon this page very nicely.

The image quality will probably keep the TL2’s buyers perfectly content, but it’s the camera’s a body/lens weight distribution, quirky settings and occasionally sluggish responses that we’re concerned about.

Leica TL2: Features

  • 24MP APS-C sensor
  • L mount (plus support for SL lenses) 
  • Maestro II image processor
  • 4K video up to 30fps, Full HD video to 60fps, and 720p video to 120fps 
  • 3.7in touchscreen, 1.23million dots
  • 49-point contrast-detect AF system
  • 7fps (up to 20fps with electronic shutter)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • 32GB internal memory
  • SDHC/SDXC memory card slot

Leica TL2: Verdict

With most Leica digital cameras, you can at least observe how they could charm to an extremely specific sort of user and design of photography – but it’s different with the TL2. The camera body is thin, minimal and appealing in its way, however, the quirky handles and front-heavy handling with a zoom lens fitted make it certainly rather difficult to make use of as a photographic device.


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