Smugmug’s New Campaign, “this Lens Tells Stories,” Shines A Light On Photographers’ Passion, “why,” And Impact.

SmugMug, which is known for its platform for managing and selling photos, has started a new marketing campaign called “This Lens.” The show “This Lens” is about real photographers and the work they do. Its purpose is to show how photographers can change the way people think and how the world works.

The images of Woody Guthrie, a folk music legend whose guitar said “This machine kills fascists,” were the inspiration for this campaign. This is a nod to the fact that this has been an inspiration for many people over the years.

SmugMug knows very well that photographers have the same power to change minds and inspire generations when it comes to photography. A camera is one of the most powerful tools that can affect millions of people if it is used right.

“In the hands of a passionate photographer, the camera has the power to change the way people think,” says Scott Kinzie, VP of Marketing at SmugMug. “We think that a good photograph can change people’s minds, reveal secrets, start a movement, or show the humanity of everyday life. A passionate photographer can change how we see the world and how we see each other.

Five photographers, who all have their own unique styles, talk about how photography changed their lives. Photojournalist Jay Ford talks about how, from his point of view, he covers protests. Andy Best is a nomad, which means he moves from place to place.

Adventure photographer and rock climber Tara Kerzhner talks about how she finds the best light. Michal Perchardo uses portraits to keep his family’s history alive. Lastly, Sapna Reddy talks about how taking pictures of nature is a nice break from her job as a doctor.

This SmugMug campaign is all about getting people to look at things from different angles. SmugMug wants to shine a light on the different kinds of photography that people like, like Astro, fine art, landscape macro, portrait, street, and so on, to show why and how creative people succeed and find happiness in their fields.

Kinzie says, “This Lens” shows us what makes a photographer want to focus on a certain subject or story. “SmugMug believes in the emotional power of these stories, and by sharing them, we hope to encourage others to pick up a camera and tell their own stories, too.”

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