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Microsoft Rolls Out New Photos App Update For Windows 11

Microsoft has released an update for the Photos app for Windows 11 that fixes a number of issues, including the software’s tendency to be sluggish, clumsy, and fraught with bugs.

Dave Grochocki, Principal Product Manager Lead at Microsoft, was the one who broke the news to the general public about the newly updated version of the app and outlined some of the modifications and enhancements that have been made. Grochocki claims that the latest version of Photos contains an updated gallery display, enhanced “Memories” functionality, and an overall “new photos-managing experience” for its customers. In a blog post that he published on the Windows.com website, he provided further explanation of the recent updates and modifications.

The new gallery design also makes it easier for users to “browse,” “discover,” “manage,” and “consume” the photographs that they have stored in their collections. These are some of the other features that the Product Manager outlined. He also provides a sketchy explanation of the Memories feature, going into very little information about it, and then quickly goes on to explain that the Photographs app now makes it simple for customers to preserve their photos by backing them up to OneDrive.

Microsoft Rolls Out New Photos App Update For Windows 11

On the other hand, contrary to what has been mentioned by other people, the updated version of Photos that comes with Windows 11 does not have a video editor. This historical component of the previous Photos app has been removed in favor of something called Clipchamp, which was bought by Microsoft last year and will be installed as the company’s inbox video editor in March of 2022. Clipchamp will replace this outdated component.

Grochocki notes that “earlier this year, we debuted Clipchamp as our new inbox video editor, which is focused on making video production quick, fast, and entertaining on Windows,” and “Clipchamp is our new inbox video editor.” He goes on to elaborate by saying, “Since Clipchamp is outfitted with all the fundamental tools you’d expect, such as trimming and splitting, in addition to more professional-style features like transitions and animated text, the legacy Video Editor is no longer included in the new Photos app experience.”

Users who are interested in using the older version of the video editor can continue to do so by downloading “Microsoft Photos Legacy” from the Microsoft Store.

Up to this point, Microsoft has been rolling out the upgrade for the Photos app in stages while continuously monitoring user input. Nevertheless, it was explained in another blog post by Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer Panos Panay that the Photo app will be available to all users of Windows 11 in the month of October.

Those of us who have always had issues with the older version of the Photos app will soon have the opportunity to see whether the upgraded version is just as gloriously terrible for so many tasks that appear to be very straightforward.


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