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Delkin Devices has released CFexpress Type A cards with 80GB and 160GB capacities.

It is possible to purchase two different sizes of Delkin Devices CFexpress Type A cards: 80GB and 160GB. The cards can achieve a maximum write speed of 790 MB/s (730 MB/s for the 80GB model) and a maximum read speed of 880 MB/s. Aside from that, Delkin’s 48-hour replacement guarantee is included with the BLACK series of cards. The business has introduced a new USB-C 3.2 card reader that includes an additional SD UHS-II interface in addition to the standard USB-C interface. Pre-orders for the Type A cards are already being accepted, with prices beginning at $184.99.

The CFexpress memory card format, it appears, is the format of the future when it comes to storage media. It is becoming more and more widely supported, and more and more firms are beginning to provide it as well. Although the price of CFexpress cards is still somewhat high, with greater capacities, they are currently cheaper than V90 SD cards. Furthermore, as the CFexpress standard becomes more widely utilized, it is projected that the prices of CFexpress cards will gradually decline in the future.

The physically bigger “XQD-shaped” CFexpress Type B cards are presently supported by the majority of cameras. At the moment, only a few Sony cameras are compatible with the smaller CFexpress Type A memory cards. The only company that provided them for a long time was Sony, although this is steadily changing. ProGrade introduced its Cobalt cards series in December, marking the company’s entry into the CFexpress Type A market sector. CFexpress Type A cards were recently introduced by Delkin Devices; let’s have a look at the specifics of these cards.

Delkin Devices CFexpress Type A cards

It is possible to write at up to 790 MB/s on the latest Delkin Devices CFexpress Type A cards, which employ the third generation PCI express interface and may achieve write rates of 730 MB/s for 80GB cards. The read speed for offloading footage can reach up to 880 MB/s when using a fast SSD. Each card is constructed with a durable design that is shockproof, magnet proof, X-ray proof, anti-static, UV-protected, and resistant to high-temperature variations.

Delkin Devices offers two distinct sorts of cards in two different sizes – the BLACK series, which comes in 80GB and 160GB capacities, and the POWER series, which comes in 80GB and 160GB capabilities. The only difference between the two series is that the BLACK cards come with Delkin’s 48-hour replacement guarantee, but the WHITE cards do not. Upon receipt of your non-working card, Delkin says that they would gladly replace it within 48 hours or less (excluding weekends). Replace your card over the counter at any authorized Delkin reseller if it becomes damaged or lost.

All Delkin Devices cards come with a lifetime guarantee and are supported by Delkin’s American-based customer service staff situated in San Diego, California.

Along with the new cards, Delkin Devices launched a new memory card reader to go with them. It makes use of a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C interface (with rates of up to 10 Gb/s), so it should not be a problem when it comes to offloading film from any card quickly. The card reader is available in two different configurations: one for Type A cards and another for CFexpress Type B cards. Each model also has an additional SD UHS-II card slot on the side of the device.

Only Sony cameras for now

CFexpress Type A cards are the smallest cards in the CFexpress series in terms of physical dimensions. Due to the fact that they are even somewhat smaller than SD cards, Sony has been able to add combination memory card slots in its cameras, allowing you to put either an SD card or a CFexpress Type A card into the same slot that has both reading pins. It was the Sony a7S III, which was launched in 2020, that became the first camera to accommodate Type A cards. CFexpress Type A cards are currently supported by the cameras listed below:

  • Sony a7S III
  • Sony a7 IV
  • Sony a1
  • Sony FX3
  • Sony FX6

CFexpress Type A or Type B?

Because the cards are capable of providing greater capacity at a lower cost per GB, the CFexpress Type B is, in my opinion, the superior alternative for camera manufacturers and filmmakers right now. While the biggest Type A card currently available on the market has 160GB of storage space, Type B cards are already available in capacities of up to 4TB. Even while Type A cards are designed to be as tiny as possible, I believe Type B cards are also not that huge, and it should be feasible to offer twin Type B slots in reasonably small mirrorless bodies, at least in my perspective.

The combined card slot of Type A cards, I believe, provides customers with the opportunity to utilize more economical SD cards when rapid writing rates are not required. At the same time, the camera can have two combination slots, rather than only one SD card slot and one CFexpress Type B slot. What are your thoughts on this subject? Please share your thoughts in the comments area!

Price and availability

Pre-orders for the new Delkin Devices CFexpress Type A cards are currently being accepted. When it comes to the BLACK series, the price for the 80GB version is $195.99 and the price for the 160GB version is $364.99. The pricing for the 160GB version is $364.99. The POWER series is marginally cheaper, with an 80GB card costing $184.99 and a 160GB card costing $349.99, respectively. The Delkin Devices memory card reader has a suggested retail price of $79.99.


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