The Next Mirrorless Hasselblad Camera Seems To Be A Big Step Up

Hasselblad’s X1D and X1D II 50C medium format mirrorless cameras are popular because they are small and easy to carry around, but they still take very high-quality photos. Hasselblad seems to have big plans for the camera, which should get a new body soon.

Photo Rumors and Chassimages say that a French Hasselblad representative has confirmed that the X2D medium format mirrorless camera is coming (probably this summer) and that it will have a lot of new features and improvements.

The new sensor, which will have 100 megapixels instead of the old sensor’s 50, will be the most important change. Along with that, it will have three new lenses, better autofocus, built-in image stabilisation, an LCD screen on top, an adjustable screen on the back, and more.

The first X1D was notable because it was the first medium format mirrorless camera and had a lot of image quality in a small, portable package. Since then, Fujifilm has made the GFX series, which has some great options.

Hasselblad seems to be planning to respond to some of Fujifilm’s changes by making both big technical changes and changes to how things work. I hope the X2D will be out soon because I can’t wait to see it.

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