The Nextbase iQ is a dashcam with Google Nest-like AI capabilities.

If you’ve been searching for a cloud-connected dashcam that can record in 4K and incorporate security features similar to those found in Google Nest, the Nextbase iQ could be the next big automobile update for you.

With three cameras, the iQ will be able to record both inside and outside of your vehicle, making it a versatile tool. In 4K, the view from the front will be captured, while the back and cabin views will be captured in 1440p. However, the AI-powered capabilities of this all-seeing eye will be its unique selling point. These will include ‘Spatial Awareness’ (for recording occurrences when you’re not in the car) and ‘Roadwatch AI,’ which will be able to track the speed and trajectory of other cars.

The only drawback is that it isn’t free. After then, the Nextbase iQ will not be accessible until Autumn 2022, which for people living in the southern hemisphere implies somewhere between September and the end of November. That’s a significant amount of time to wait for the dashcam, but Nextbase believes it will be well worth it.

Even while the Nextbase 622GW now holds the top spot in our guide to the best dash cameras, the iQ will include a slew of new capabilities that aren’t presently available on the company’s flagship model. Along with those AI-powered capabilities, the iQ will also provide real-time cloud uploads (through both Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity), as well as a new dedicated app for real-time warnings and seeing your vehicle’s video feed from a distance, among other things.

Thus, it will provide capabilities comparable to that of a home security camera such as the Google Nest Cam, together with real-time video analysis that may alert you to potential risks in your immediate vicinity and collect film that may be valuable in the case of an accident.

Other features will include voice control, GPS monitoring, and a ‘Vehicle Aware’ system, which will, according to reports, alert you to potential threats such as other automobiles or pedestrians in front of your vehicle when necessary. These capabilities are in addition to those we’ve seen in prior Nextbase dash cams, such as the subscription-based ‘Emergency SOS’ function, which immediately notifies the authorities of your position following an accident.

No pricing has been announced for the Nextbase iQ as of yet, but considering the number of functions it offers, we can anticipate it to be more expensive than the Nextbase 622GW (£249 / $319.99 / AU$549.99) when it launches in the third quarter of 2022.

The latest in AI camera technology meets the basic dash cam

As more and more modern vehicles, such as those from manufacturers such as BMW, Tesla, and Citreon, are equipped with built-in dash cameras, Nextbase is clearly motivated to push the technology in its third-party options to the next level – and that appears to be exactly what it has done with the iQ.

This has been made possible by what Nextbase is referring to as a new AI-capable chipset, which should allow the iQ to get updates from the cloud in the near future. The disadvantage of this new chip, on the other hand, is that we’ll have to wait a long before we can determine whether or not the iQ lives up to its boasts. Hopefully, the worldwide chip scarcity will not cause the release date for Autumn 2022 to be pushed back much more.

The iQ, on the other hand, appears to be an appealing mix of a Google Next-style vehicle security camera and a smart assistant for recording accident-related videos, at least on paper. We’ve previously been impressed by the quality of Nextbase’s low-light video quality, which may assist you in identifying number plates in adverse weather conditions, and we expect that to be the case again with the iQ camera.

In contrast to basic dash cams, the iQ’s apparent ability to automatically predict events, whether you’re in or out of your car, sounds like a particularly beneficial enhancement when compared to older models. With voice-activated recording and a “live view” mode for tuning into its cameras, you have a potentially attractive addition, particularly for older vehicles that may be lacking in-car intelligence and navigation systems.

We’re looking forward to finding out whether or not any of these features perform as well as Nextbase says when the iQ is released later this year.

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