Released half a year apart, we will be taking up the Nikon D5 vs Nikon D3400 comparison to see how much improvement Nikon can provide in such a small amount of time. Both cameras have the ability to provide picture perfect outputs which are why if you are deciding as to which of the two should you but then you should read on.

Below are the basic specifications for each camera. Another tabled comparison will also be provided in order to give you an overview of the differences and similarities of such dslr camera.

To provide you with further idea on this camera comparison, below is the list of their differences to make you decide which is better in the Canon D3400 vs Nikon D5 comparison

­Advantages of Nikon D5

  • Larger sensor. In this case, it is essential to follow the rule, bigger is better.
  • With bigger pixels, you get to capture great photos with the best output.
  • 4k video is the highest format of video that you can expect from a file and Nikon D5 just happens to have one.
  • The higher effective ISO allows the user to continually shoot an object even in low light and still provide a result that has great quality.
  • Able to shoot 3,780 still shots before the battery runs out as compared to the 1,200 shots provided by Nikon D3400.
  • Top Deck Display
  • An external mic jack which is intended to improve sound quality of recorded videos.
  • More cross-type AF and AF points that helps in improving the autofocus of the camera.
  • Higher screen resolution to give you a chance to clearly preview your shot.
  • The less shutter lag allows quick photo taking.
  • Viewfinder magnification.
  • Dual card slots for expanded storage.
  • Headphone jack which gives the chance to hear audio amidst video taking.
  • Fast JPEG and RAW shooting
  • Faster Shutter

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Advantage of Nikon D3400

  • Less expensive
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Expanded dynamic range
  • Internal flash
  • More pixels.

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As you can see, D5 has more advantages as compared with D3400. However, this does not mean that D5 is much more desirable than D3400 because there might be advantages in D3400 that is the main reason why you are buying a camera.

Always consider the circumstances you are under and your primary reason as to why you want to buy a dslr camera to make sure that you will not regret whatever you will buy with your money.

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