The kind of dslr camera you want to buy would depend greatly on what you will be using it for. If you are looking for reasons to buy one camera from another, comparing them would be the best option.

That is why in this article, the Nikon D5 vs Nikon D5300 is put head to head so that you can easily spot what are the significant differences and similarities between them.

You can find below a well-detailed camera comparison between the Nikon D5300 vs Nikon D5 to help you decide which one would be perfect for you. The simple comparison can aid you in seeing them up close and personal even without having to buy any of them in the first place.

Advantages Of The Nikon D5

  • Includes touchscreen
  • Has better maximum ISO
  • Has a higher number of focus points
  • Has a higher number of cross-type focus at 99
  • Has better LCD screen resolution
  • Has better viewfinder coverage
  • Has better maximum shutter speed
  • Is better at continuous shooting at 14.0fps
  • Has a long battery life at 3870 shots
  • Includes a headphone port and has environmental sealing
  • Has better color depth at 25.1
  • Is better at low-light ISO
  • Has better sensor pixel area at 41.25
  • Has better maximum video resolution
  • Includes a top LCD
  • Has better AE bracketing range
  • Includes a flash sync port
  • Has a pentaprism optical viewfinder
  • Offers AF micro adjustment
  • Has better shutter life expectancy at 400000
  • Can shoot in 4K photo mode
  • Has illuminated buttons and AF motor in the body
  • Has two storage slots
  • Has better minimum focus sensitivity at EV-4

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The Nikon D5 is the best solution when you want to capture nothing but the best pictures. Another thing that you can expect from this camera is that it has good speed and autofocus at 153 AF points as well as 12fps in continuous shooting for about two hundred images. This dslr camera gives you the pro photographer look.

Advantages Of The Nikon D5300

  • Has a built-in wireless connection and flash
  • Has an articulating screen and GPS
  • Has better maximum sensor resolution
  • Is lighter than the D5
  • Has better dynamic range at 13.9
  • Can be controlled remotely via smartphone

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As a camera comparison with the D5, the Nikon D5300 has a brand new 24.2MP sensor which is higher when compared to the Nikon D5. This camera doesn’t need an AA filter to give you the sharper look. This dslr camera also has the latest EXPEED 4 processor that gives you a better ISO handling at 1080/60p high definition video. In comparison with the D5, this model has a built in WiFi and also a GPS that you can use. This kind of camera makes a good compact and mid-ranged camera that you can carry around. This is the best camera that you can use when you are a beginner to photography.


All in all, the D5 is the better choice between the two. It offers a better image quality and also gives you more features when compared with the D5300. however, if you are looking for a model that would fit a slightly lower budget, then you can consider going for the D5300.


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