Doing a camera comparison between 2 products is a good idea to be able to determine which one would cater your preference more. Take Nikon D5 vs Nikon D7200 for instance. Both dslr camera has a lot of features that you can use daily and wherever you go and they also have the same con, which are having no image stabilizer and no articulating screen. Because of that, you need to purchase a lens with stabilization feature to compensate with their weakness.

To be able to do a better comparison between Nikon D5 and Nikon D7200, I provided a table below with their specifications so that you can easily compare them and see which one will be able to pass the preference you are looking for.

Advantages of Nikon D7200

  • Built – in Wi-Fi – You can share your images and videos wirelessly using the Wi-Fi connection that is built in with this device.
  • NFC – with this feature, you can pair your camera with other supported phones to be able to navigate your gallery and even adjust some settings
  • No Anti-Aliasing Filter – because Nikon D7200 has no filter, it enables you to capture sharper photos

Advantages of Nikon D5

  • Higher Viewfinder Magnification – It allows you to get a bigger view of the scene using the eye-level viewfinder
  • Higher Resolution Screen – with the high-resolution display, it enables you to see more details on the screen and lets you focus with still high-resolution image
  • New Release – since D5 is more recent than other models, it is able to support more advance features that lets you capture more high-quality images.
  • More Cross-type AF Points – the more AF Points you have, the better quality you get during autofocus mode
  • Long Battery Life – If your device has longer battery life, you can use it even after a number of shots and be able to capture more images


Based from the ratings of other buyers and comparing their specifications, it is clear that Nikon D5 is a better choice of camera than Nikon D7200 because it can produce more high-quality image.


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