Don’t stress yourself thinking about what kind of camera you should be buying. There are many ways where you can find out which one is the best for you. With the help of camera comparison tables, you can easily spot what are the differences between the two cameras.

In this article, you get to see a faceoff between Nikon D5 vs Nikon Df. Both cameras are amazing, but each has its own set of interesting features.

If you want to get the perfect dslr camera, the best thing that you can do would be to look at the features and the tables below and see it for yourself. The Nikon Df vs Nikon D5 head to head is surely interesting because of their similarities and differences.

Nikon D5 Advantages

  • Includes touchscreen
  • Has better maximum sensor resolution
  • Has better maximum ISO
  • Has a higher number of focus points
  • Has a higher number of cross type focus at 99
  • Has better LCD screen resolution
  • Has better maximum shutter speed at 1/8000s
  • Is better at continuous shooting at 14.0fps
  • Has longer battery life at 3780 shots
  • Includes a microphone and headphone port
  • Has time lapse recording features
  • Is better at color depth at 25.1
  • Has better maximum video resolution
  • Has better AE bracketing range
  • Can shoot in 4K photo mode
  • Has illuminated buttons
  • Has two storage slots
  • Has better minimum focus sensitivity at EV-4

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The Nikon D5 is actually one of the first cameras to use a dedicated type of autofocus sensor. This camera also has a Multi-CAM 20K AF sensor module. Which means that the dslr camera is able to give you 153 autofocus points; 99 of which are sensors which are cross-type. In comparison to the D4S, the D5 has three times the amount more. Putting the D5 in comparison with the Df simply shows how powerful it is. A camera comparison with the Nikon Df can bring more clarity to the feature differences.

Nikon Df Advantages

  • Is lighter than the D5
  • Has better dynamic range at 13.1
  • Is better at low-light ISO
  • Has a better sensor pixel area

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When looking at the Nikon Df camera, you can find that it has a sensational processor. It also has a neat sensor which is better in comparison with the D4 model. They also have the same retro-like body which is really a looker. In camera comparison with the D5, this dslr camera doesn’t have much strength with its autofocus system.


It is clearly the D5 that has more advantages in this selection. If you want to have a model that has more features, the D5 should be the best pick. The Df, on the other hand, is more portable and easy to carry around.


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