A great picture comes out great because of the skill of the photographer, and the good features of his or her dslr camera as well. These things come both hand-in-hand. If you have the skills, but don’t have a good camera to go with it, then all your hard work would be for naught.

Having a camera comparison with other models can definitely help you out when choosing the best model, you can work together with.

Among the models that you would want to put into comparison would be Nikon D500 vs Nikon D5500. These two are very powerful cameras on their own. If you get to know more about them, it can help that you have the knowledge of what features these cameras have so that you can decide which of them would be better.

Nikon D500 Advantages

  • Has better maximum ISO
  • Has a higher number of focus points
  • Has a higher number of cross-type focus at 99
  • Has better LCD screen resolution
  • Offers better viewfinder coverage
  • Has better maximum shutter speed at 1/8000s
  • Is better at continuous shooting at 10.0fps
  • Offers better battery life at 1,240 shots
  • Has an available headphone port
  • Offers environmental sealing
  • Has a better sensor pixel area
  • Gives you better maximum video resolution
  • Includes a top LCD
  • Has a better AW bracketing range
  • Includes a flash sync port
  • Has a pentaprism optical viewfinder type
  • Offers NFC connection, and AF micro adjustment
  • Has better shutter life expectancy of 200000
  • Includes Bluetooth, AF motor in body, and illuminated buttons
  • It has better minimum focus sensitivity
  • Offers two storage slots

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The Nikon D500 boasts of having a shutter speed of 1/8000s which in comparison to the D300S is quite the same. This camera has an electronic first type curtain shutter option when it is in mirror-up mode. This dslr camera also has an autofocus sensor module which offers 153 focus points and also ninety-nine cross type of sensors. In camera comparison with the D300S, this camera has a lot more autofocus points.

Nikon D5500 Advantages

  • Has a built-in flash
  • Has better maximum sensor resolution
  • Is lighter than the D500
  • Has better color depth at 420g
  • Is better at low light ISO at 1438

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The Nikon D5500 model is what you can consider as one of the mid-level dslr camera models of Nikon. It is also one of the lightest and the smallest types of camera in the market. Even though it looks tiny for its features in comparison with others, this model is still packed with so much power. In camera comparison with other models, it still has a good number of features for such a small-bodied camera.


Between the two, the D500 is at an advantage. It has better specs overall and performs better.it only lacks the portability when compared to the D5500. if you wish to get a smaller camera, then the D5500 is a good choice, but if you want the features, go for the D500.


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