Taking 2 cameras for comparison is an easy way to be able to get an idea which one is better than the other by comparing their specifications and come up with an answer afterwards. However, to make a camera comparison, you have to make sure that you’ve done a research background so that you know what are their features and highlights, as well as its weakness. If you want to choose between Nikon D500 and Nikon D7100, then knowing their overall ratings based from users is important and based from statistics, Nikon D500 is preferred more over Nikon D7100 because of its variations in settings as well as its affordable price.

A table is provided below for camera comparison between Nikon D7100 and Nikon D500 so you can see their specifications and tell which one can cater your preference better. But, due to the higher preference towards Nikon D500, it seems that model will surely give you a promising specification that you might need.

Advantages of Nikon D7100

  • Affordable Price – if you are meticulous at the price of the camera you are going to purchase, Nikon D7100 is a good choice since you will still have enough money for other accessories and lenses.
  • Internal Flash – this Nikon model has built-in flash that allows you to capture images and gives automatic flash if necessary
  • Higher resolution – having 24.1 MP, Nikon D7100 allows you to capture photos and videos in a higher definition

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Advantages Nikon D500

  • Touchscreen – you can easily navigate this device by simply touching the screen like how you operate your smart phones.
  • NFC – with this feature, you can pair up your device with this model and allows you to navigate the settings of your camera to your phones.
  • Fast Shutter – allows you to focus and capture photos quickly to avoid blurs and get sharp images
  • Battery – Nikon D500 has a long battery life up to 1240 shots

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Based on their specifications and advantages alone, it can be easily distinguished that Nikon D500 is a better choice in comparison to Nikon D7100 if you are going to purchase a dslr camera.

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