If ever you would like to get your first dslr camera, you should put a lot of things into consideration. Not only is the price of the camera something that you need to prepare for, you also need to know if the model is right for you.

With help of reliable camera comparison reviews, you will be able to see what are the differences between the cameras of your choice. For example, below is a comparison of Nikon D500 vs Nikon D810 that you can take a look at to find out more about the models.

A good Nikon D810 vs Nikon D500 review can give you all the details that you need whether or not you should be buying a certain model or not.

Nikon D500 Advantages

  • It has a built-in flash
  • Has a better maximum sensor resolution at 36MP
  • Has better color depth at 25.7
  • Offers better dynamic range at 14.8
  • Great in low light ISO at 2,853

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If you’re aiming for the Nikon D500, you’d be happy to know that this camera has a lot of improvements when you look at it at a camera comparison with the D300S, point of view.  The dslr camera also has a simultaneous recording feature that can be saved on an internal memory card and at the same time, an external recorder.

Nikon D810 Advantages

  • Has built-in wireless connection
  • Has an articulating screen
  • Offers Touchscreen
  • Has more focus points
  • Has more cross-type focus at 99
  • Has better LCD screen resolution
  • Is good at continuous shooting at 10.0fps
  • Has longer battery life at 1,240 shots
  • Lighter than the D500
  • Has better maximum video resolution
  • Has Bluetooth, NFC connection, and illuminated buttons
  • Has better focus sensitivity at EV-4

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On the other hand, the Nikon D810 has 36MP resolution and is what others call as the best of both the D800 and also the D800E. This dslr camera is often in camera comparison with the latter two because of how users assume it will be their replacement. This camera is able to handle impressive images in comparison to its predecessors.


There is a real challenge between these two models because of how close they are in the fight. They actually stand at the same level where no model is higher than the other. Their features are pretty much level with the other and you simply need to choose which one you are more comfortable in using.


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