Taking a look at the camera comparison between Nikon D500 vs Nikon D810A, both models have their own distinguishable attributes but at the same time, they have similar strengths and weaknesses in some areas. These dslr camera models will be discussed in detail and the advantages would help you decide on which one is better for you. Each of the camera models can benefit the user The D500 is a newcomer and D810A is just two years older. Both are new and modern cameras in the Nikon brand collection. Both have high megapixel resolution and both can do the right job.

Advantages Of Nikon D500 Over Nikon D810A

  • Nikon D500 has a larger sensor area of 35 mm in comparison with other cameras.
  • The D500 also has the pixel size of 4.88 microns
  • Internal flash included
  • More pixels (36.3 megapixels)
  • Longer exposure durability of 900 seconds.
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Advantages Of Nikon D810A Over Nikon D500

  • When it comes to pricing, D810A is cheaper. It costs $2,497
  • D810A can also accommodate the4k video shooting, so make sure to have the fast computer to deal with this as well.
  • This model is also atouchscreencamera, giving more convenience with getting through the options and features.
  • It also includes the built-in Wi-Fi and NFC.
  • D810A is also tiltable, providing more flexibility than the other model.
  • There are more cross-type AF points, regular AF points, pixels for the screen resolution, FPS for JPEG shooting, and extended ISO (1,637,400 ISO) with this model.
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Though in Nikon D810A vs Nikon D500, the Nikon D500 may not be a compact dslr camera, it can still take superb images that will make you adore this model. Especially when combining this with accessories, users will come to realize that the camera is not only used for creating snapshots of groups of people. The continuous shooting speed is a must-try feature for users.

There are many features that the Nikon D500 can offer and each user should be able to utilize them all in order to make the purchase truly worth it because it seems like this particular model is too expensive, as some reviews indicate as well. The comparison of Nikon D810 in relation to the other model is that this is focused on astrophotography. The great sensitivity of such camera makes it highly suitable for photographing the night skies and lights. Because of this, it is difficult to have a quality image with general photography though there are some accessories that can help with that.


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