Nikon has always been one of the pioneers in the camera industry. The Nokia D610 dslr camera is basically a minor update of the older model which is the Nokia D600.The Nokia D3200 dslr camera is the latest offering from Nikon in terms of entry-level models. This is definitely the best version for novice photographers.

Nikon D610 Advantages

The two models have the same features and components but the noticeable change in the D610 is its shutter mechanism which boosts continuous shooting together with a “Quiet Continuous” mode. The other upgrade to the D610 camera is an enhanced auto white balance system.

In terms of camera comparison, the D600 model may have been an excellent camera both for beginners and professionals but it was known to have a certain flaw and that is collecting oil on the sensor. This particular issue may have already been resolved in the D610 model plus with improved features. The asking price for the D610 is quite a good deal considering that it is lesser than the old model with all the upgraded features. In fact, the D610 model is considered as the least expensive full frame DSLR.

The comparison between the D600 and the D610 is not too outlandish so users will still enjoy the old components such as the weather-sealed magnesium alloy body, high-end video specs, large optical viewfinder and as well as a customizable and responsive interface which is definitely great for beginners who are still trying to familiarize themselves with the mechanics of the camera.

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Nikon D3200 Advantages

The D3200 model offers an excellent guide mode that even the most inexperienced photographer will understand. It features a 24MP sensor and full HD video.

Since this particular model is designed for entry-level; there are several features that are found in high-end cameras that are obviously left out in the Nokia D3200 model. Nevertheless, this dslr camera still has compelling features that even the experienced photographers will admire. Nikon has also offered a Wi-Fi option for the D3200 model which is of course optional. The WU-1a can be attached to the USB socket and will then allow the user to broadcast the images to any device such as tablets or smartphones using the Nikon app. This particular feature allows the live view of the camera to be streamed to the device and can even be used as a remote clicker with a distance of up to 49ft.

In terms of comparison between the D610 model; the D3200 is also sturdy and built for wear and can withstand any minor scrapes and knocks which is really great if the user is into outdoor photography. The record button is now conveniently located next to the shutter release for better maneuvering of the device.

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Nokia D610 is definitely the best gadget for beginners and even for professional photographers but if you are looking for a somewhat basic dslr, then the Nokia 3200 is your ideal camera.


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