Nikon D610 is the redesigned version of the D600 in order to remove dust and oil spot issue that plagued the D600. When it was released, the D610 was meant to be a jumping point camera for neophyte photographers to use for advanced photography. In comparison, the Nikon D3400 can be used by entry level or student photographers as well because of its user-friendly design, it is a smaller, lighter, and more compact DSLR camera so the user doesn’t have to worry much about packing it inside their bags.

Let’s take a more in depth look at the camera comparison:

Advantages of the Nikon D610

  • Sensor size is 35.9 x 24mm, when it comes to sensors, the larger it is, the more light it captures which equals to better image quality It has better dynamic range and low-light sensitivity better when bringing out shadows and highlights
  • Has an external mic jack, external microphones can yield better audio for videos, these devices can filter out camera noise much better than internal microphones
  • More AF point for better subject focus
  • Has a higher effective ISO of 2925 which makes it a great camera when shooting in low light
  • Has 2 storage slots which allows more photos to be stored without having to switch memory cards every time its full
  • 6fps continuous shooting at high resolution

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Advantages of the Nikon D3400

  • Has long battery life and can take 1200 photos with a fully charged battery
  • It has 39 focus points which gives the user a lot of flexibility in choosing where to focus on in a certain scene
  • Its small size and weight is an advantage when travelling or if one simply has no time for bulky cameras
  • It is wired with Bluetooth for that seamless wireless photo sharing
  • You can control this camera remotely using your smartphone
  • It is also almost $1500 less expensive, you can save more money for camera accessories, gadgets and the like
  • No anti-aliasing filter giving you sharper and more defined images
  • It can take photos faster

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Each photographer has their own quirks and standards in photo taking, even after reading camera comparisons, when deciding on a new camera, users must take into account their own standards. If a camera with a lower effective ISO can serve one’s needs better, then take that camera or if you have been looking for a camera that has 2 memory slots, then better to take that one.

With the eliminated oil and dust problem from the Nikon D600, D610 is a great improvement with good features for beginners or professionals. Very good image quality and is great in low light photoshoots.

The D3400 is small and compact, very good image quality. The video features do need an improvement.

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