Here we have the camera comparison between the Nikon D610 and the Nikon D5500. Both cameras have 24 MP sensors the only difference is the D610 has a full-frame sensor compared to D5500’s APS-C. The D610 is the upgrade to Nikon’s D600 DSLR camera which had a persistent dust and oil problem, the D5500 on the other hand has now been replaced by the D5600 but is still being sold in Nikon stores.

The D610 was announced March of 2014 and D5500 on January of 2016, though an older model, the D610 has always been thought of as a good camera with adequate features, below is a more in-depth comparison between the two cameras:

Advantages of the Nikon D5500

  • Slightly higher screen resolution at 1037k dots, higher screen resolution lets a user see more detail in the photo
  • Equipped with flip out screen making taking videos easier
  • Integrated with touchscreen, less button interaction
  • Less shutter lag, making it easier to take photos faster
  • Lighter and cheaper
  • Built in Wi-Fi feature for easier photo sharing
  • Being a newer camera model it can support Nikon’s advanced features
  • It doesn’t come with anti-aliasing meaning photos are sharper and more detailed
  • Can take photos faster in burst mode

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Advantages of Nikon D610

  • This camera has lower noise at high ISO, it has at effective ISO of 2,925
  • The D610 is weather sealed making it easier to take photos in tough weather conditions
  • Viewfinder coverage is at 100%
  • Has built-in auto focus and can be paired with other AF lenses
  • Uses pentaprism viewfinder which is the better viewfinder because it’s brighter
  • Dual card slots, you don’t have to worry about changing memory cards every now and then
  • Comes with headphone jack slot for monitoring the audio quality
  • Anti-aliasing filter reducing the wavelike patterns sometimes seen when shooting clothes or in certain environments

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Features are the main competition when it comes to which camera a photographer will want to purchase, price comes in at second because a serious and dedicated photographer will not mind the price if the camera is great.

The D5500 is equipped with more modern features like a flip out screen but has been upgraded and replaced by the D5600. It is also smaller than the usual standard small of dslr cameragood when shooting in low light and has a high resolution

The D610 despite it being an older model have good features like a higher effective resolution and it is an improvement from the D600 with the removal of the dust and oil problems. It has good battery life and can be used by pros or amateurs alike.


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