For aspiring and professional photographers, knowing the difference between a DSLR camera that you own and a camera you want to buy is crucial, you’d want to know what exactly you’re getting before you shell out your hard-earned cash. You would want to read up on reviews and camera comparisons.

When comparing the DSLR cameras: Nikon D610 and Nikon D5600, the most noticeable difference would be camera size, D5600 is smaller hence lighter than the older D610. The earlier model, despite its age, is still a considerably good camera for those who want to jump in the world of photography. To get a better grasp of the comparison between the two DSLR cameras here’s a guide:

Advantages of the Nikon D5600

  • D5600 has a lesser shutter lag of 111 milliseconds or 0.111 second, which is more useful when taking photos of objects in motion.
  • Its sensor type is CMOS APS-C which gathers 15 times lighter or area that typical CMOS
  • It lacks an anti-aliasing feature which means the user can enjoy sharper images
  • Has built in wireless connection for smoother photo sharing
  • It is less expensive by a $1000
  • Integrated with tilt and swivel screen making it easier to take shots in different angles
  • Start-up is quick so you can easily catch moments on camera
  • Can be paired with a smartphone for remote control
  • Lighter and smaller, best for travelling without having to worry about bulky bags

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Advantages of the Nikon D610

  • High speed continuous shooting at 6fps
  • Has 2 memory slots saving the user from the hassle of changing memory cards when it’s full and it allows more images to be stored.
  • This DSLR camera is weather sealed and can be used to shoot in the rain and in touch conditions
  • Has a pentaprism viewfinder which is generally brighter
  • Has an ISO of 2925 when shooting in low light, resulting to less photo noise
  • Has a headphone jack port so you can monitor the audio better when taking videos
  • Shoots faster, taking more photos in a shorter time
  • Anti-aliasing filter reduces moiré or the wavelike patterns that appear when shooting in certain conditions or certain clothes

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After reviewing the camera comparison, there are a few more things to consider before buying or upgrading to a new camera.

The Nikon D610 has bigger pixels which make it better at low-light photography; it uses pentaprism viewfinder which is the better viewfinder for picture fidelity, it has faster JPEG and RAW shooting in burst mode.

The Nikon D5600 being an entry level DSLR camera, is less expensive, a user can save money for use in buying lenses or accessories, it has a tilt-swivel screen which makes shooting more flexible. Built-in WI-FI enables smooth photo sharing and its phone-camera pairing means you can shoot remotely using your smartphone


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