It pays to be a wise buyer nowadays. That portrays to everyone, especially those who are saving to buy themselves a dslr camera. A camera is a huge investment and you should buy one that you can use for a good amount of time. When you have specific shoots in mind, you would want a model that is able to get the shots that you are looking for. Even if you have all the skills as a good photographer, but your camera is not cooperating with you, you can find it hard to get the results that you need.

This is why camera comparison reviews are very efficient. When you are choosing between the Nikon D610 vs Nikon Df, it can help when you already know what the pros and the cons of the model. If you are already aware of what you should expect from the Nikon Df vs Nikon D610 you would instantly know which of them is perfect for your shoot and which is not.

Advantages Of The Nikon D610

  • Has an external microphone and headphone port
  • Capable of time-lapse recording
  • Has good low light ISO
  • Has 9 cross-type focus points
  • Gives you a Long Battery Life of 900 shots

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The Nikon D610 camera has advanced photography features that you will surely love. This dslr camera has amazing functions which you can play around when you are shooting pictures. The D610 is able to give you high-resolution images with all the details intact. In comparison with other models, has normal sensitivity from ISO 100 and up to ISO 6.400. it also extends for about 12,800 to 25,600 when you toggle the Hi-1 and the Hi-2 options. Pretty impressive when you put it side by side in camera comparison with other related models.

Advantages Of The Nikon Df

  • Has an optical built in viewfinder
  • Has face detection focusing
  • Has 39 focus points
  • Has 921k dots LCD Resolution
  • Offers 6.0fps Fast Continuous Shooting
  • Capable of a Long Battery Life of 1400 shots

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The Nikon Df sports an amazing processor and sensor pairing in comparison with the D4. this camera has a quirky and retro style body which is really pleasing to the eyes. If you are going for a dslr camera that is in style, you should definitely go for this one. Nikon Df is a must for retro style camera lovers out there. It is very light and you have no trouble carrying it around with you.


When compared, the D610 is a better option. It is something that gives you all of your camera feature needs without having to give any explanations. Nikon Df might look good, but the powerful feature would go to the D610.


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