Cameras come in handy for any occasion, whether a birthday or a family gathering or a simple outing in the beach. It’s not only professional and amateur photographers who are serious about the camera that they buy but also average everyday consumers who wants to take better photos for themselves.

Here we have two dslr camera: The Nikon D750 and the D3200 both have 24 MP resolution and quite large display screens so you can see the photos you’ve taken better. Each camera has the advantage and disadvantage over each other, let’s look at a more in-depth comparison.

Nikon D750 Advantages

  • Lower noise and grain when taking photos in dim light, the image quality is much more better that D3200
  • It has an in-camera HDR feature which helps create vivid images
  • It is weather sealed so the user can take photos even in harsh weather conditions
  • Its flip out screen makes it much more comfortable to take photos and videos
  • 51 focus points helps in determining and keeping in focus on the subject of the scene
  • A very long battery life that can take 1230 photos with one fully charged battery useful when taking photos of events like weddings
  • It also has an extra storage slot for memory cards eliminating the need to keep on changing memory cards whenever its full. Combine this with the long battery life and you got yourself a good combo
  • Built in Wi-Fi that allows the seamless sharing or sending of photos wirelessly
  • Better camera when taking photos in the rain because it is weather sealed
  • Its screen has a higher resolution, 1229k dots bringing out more details in your photo when you view them
  • Dynamic range is slightly better at 14.5 EV, bringing more shadow and highlight details

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Nikon D3200 Advantages

  • This camera has more compatible lenses for its body
  • Smaller dimensions: 125 x 96 x 77mm and is much lighter at 505 grams
  • Its way cheaper than the D750 it can save the user more than $2000

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Both dslr cameras come with great features, the Nikon D3200 is smaller and more compact which is great for travel, but it lacks features that the D750 can provide. Overall, this camera is better for people without much experience in photography and just want a camera to capture occasion.

In comparison, the D750 has great features despite its weight and size, it lasts longer on a fully charged battery and takes better images and videos.


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