When it comes to DLSR cameras, aesthetics does not really come to play often, quite frankly most of all DLSR cameras look the same, the body color is black and only the accent colors are different. And photographers do not really care about this as long the camera has good features.

The Nikon Df though has been designed to look like old like old Nikon SLR cameras with its sharper edges and black and silver coat. Even the buttons and knobs have been made to like an old camera which makes it more appealing to photographers or camera enthusiasts who are into retro. In this camera comparison, we look at the features of the Nikon Df and the Nikon D750.

Nikon Df Advantages

  • Higher effective ISO at 3279 taking photos in low light is better with this camera. The level of its ISO is excellent
  • Battery life is near immortal, it can take an amazing 1400 images on a fully charged battery
  • Aesthetically beautiful
  • It is smaller and light and more compact

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Nikon D750 Advantages

  • Videos are shot at 1080p and at 60 frames per second, making videos appear smoother. The Df does not have video capabilities
  • Is integrated with a flip out screen
  • Dynamic range determines how the ligh and dark details are shown, the higher it is the better. This camera is at 14.5 EV
  • Resolution is at 24.3MP, more details can be captured in the image
  • Has more focus points at 15 making it better to keep focus on the chosen subject
  • It has built-in flash making it easier to take photos without having to attach an external flash
  • Has more storage slots for memory cards
  • Is integrated with an external mic jack making it easier to monitor the audio when shooting a video

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Consider what you really need in a camera, the D750 has great features and capabilities and is also light enough and small enough for travelling. It can take photos and videos and has great resolution. This camera is good for starting photographer or even pros.

The Nikon Df in comparison, looks good aesthetically speaking with it’s wonderful retro look but is only limited to photos. It takes great photos even when the light is low, so if one is looking for a no fuss camera and something that looks good this is probably a good choice.



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