Nikon D810A vs Nikon D3400 Comparison

When in need of cameras which bring quality results despite various circumstances, these Nikon products are suitable for both the average user and amateur, they are also excellent tools in the realm of photography. Although their versatility and utility are highly rated, these dslr cameras are often geared towards professional use, its capabilities and range of options will make them worthwhile companions for the beginner.

The two cameras are quite similar to each other in terms of performance and share key mechanisms such as the optical viewfinder, the Nikon 34000 and the Nikon D810 differ in terms of optional capabilities, their contrasting and paralleling qualities are shown in the following camera comparison:

Advantages of the Nikon D810A

  • Its 35mm sensor is better than the APS-C sensor of the Nikon D3400
  • Higher effective ISO, it can take better photos in low light
  • Its pentaprism viewfinder is better for a more quality image fidelity
  • Has more AF points, you can make sure that the subject of you scene is also in focus
  • It has a built-in external mic jack, external mics are generally better because it removes more of the unneeded noise it your video
  • It takes photos faster, a better choice when taking action shots
  • It’s ISO can be extended to 51200
  • Dual storage slots can give you more freedom in taking photos, you don’t have to worry about replacing memory cards

Advantages of the Nikon D3400

  • A less expensive camera option, the Nikon D810A is more than $2000 more expensive that the Nikon D3400
  • It has Bluetooth feature for that wireless sharing between cameras or phones
  • Can support more advanced Nikon features because it is a newer model
  • It is much lighter than the Nikon D810A, better for travelling
  • You can utilize your smartphone to remotely control this camera

The Nikon D810A’s 36 MP image sensor can guarantee wonderful photos, it’s much more sensitive than its predecessors and has very good focus even in low light. Though it is more prone to moiré, the wavelike patterns that certain clothes or light conditions bring about. And it’s pickier when it comes to lens. White colors tend to look warm under tungsten light as well. It is also quite expensive.

A small, light, and compact camera, the Nikon D3400 is the camera for those on a budget. Burst shooting is very good, being a newer model it’s lenses are also better. Autofocus can be a bit problematic so it the video features.


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