Photographers who are just starting out but is serious about making a career at photography would probably like the Nikon D5600, it’s an entry-level camera meaning it’s more user friendly than other cameras. A lot of options and features can confuse amateur photographers and overwhelm them and possibly turn them away from photography. D5600 has been ranked 3rd out of 75 entry level DSLR camera.

The Nikon D810A, in comparison, is ranked 4th out of 88 cameras in the Semi-Pro category. So, either cameras could actually be a good choice as a starter camera for amateur photographers. Let’s look at an in-depth camera comparison between the two.

Advantages of the Nikon D810A

  • Effective ISO is higher at 2853 it can take better photos in low light
  • Weather sealed to protect it while shooting in harsh conditions like rain
  • Longer battery life, can take 1200 shots on single fully charged battery
  • Has dual slots for memory card removing the stress of witching memory cards when they are full
  • Has a higher extended or boosted ISO at 51200
  • This camera has a larger viewfinder, 70% larger than the D5600
  • With a higher resolution, the user can take photos with better quality

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Advantages of the Nikon D5600

  • Less expensive, it’s $3000 less than the D810A, you can save money for camera accessories and lenses
  • Tilt and swivel screen makes photo and video taking easier and more comfortable
  • Is integrated with touch screen technology, the user does not have to interact with buttons that much
  • Has GPS technology and can geotag photos wherever the photographer is
  • Lighter than average cameras weighing only 465 grams, great for travelling
  • Camera start-up is at 0.20 seconds, you can switch it on faster to catch moments on camera
  • Being a newer model it can support Nikon’s more advanced features
  • Shutter lag is considerably less, the user can take more photos quicker

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Both cameras are good choices for amateur photographers, they both provide the essentials where amateurs can build on the foundation of their skills. Both cameras are also good for those aren’t photographers but just need a camera because they travel a lot or they want to capture special moments in their lives.

The D810A has longer battery life and is heavier but the resolution can guarantee quality images. It’s not so complicated to overwhelm the user. In comparison, the D5600 is very lightweight and small camera and is equipped with more modern technology like touchscreen and tilt-swivel screens and Bluetooth connectivity. It’s user-friendly and provides all the basic features for student or amateur photographers.

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