Nikon Z50 Review

Nikon Z50 (or Nikon Z 50 as Nikon prefers to create it) brings Nikon’s mirrorless camera technology to the hobbyist marketplace. Nikon’s full-frame mirrorless cameras might be tempting, however, not everyone is able them!

Nikon’s first stab at making interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras didn’t exactly set the world burning; the 1-series’ fairly small, low-resolution 1-inch CX sensor – with a 2.7x crop factor – quickly fell in the back of its mirrorless rivals.

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Nikon Z50 Price

The solution was the Z mount, which was introduced in late 2018, therefore, arrived somewhat past due to the mirrorless party. But if you’re going to arrive late, you’re likely to have to make quite an entry – and the Nikon Z 50 has certainly performed that.

With the brand new Z mount in Nikon mirrorless cameras, the business rethought its zoom lens mount from the bottom up. The 1st two versions, the full-frame Nikon Z7 and Z6, actually showcased this cutting-advantage tech, with a range of ‘S’-series lenses that are among the sharpest we’ve ever examined. This qualifies Nikon’s Z digital cameras as amongst the very best mirrorless cameras you can buy. However, they arrive at a hefty cost. Now, a color over a year because of the launch of the Z mount, Nikon has taken out its first less expensive mirrorless Z-mount model, and it currently looks like among the best Nikon digital cameras for hobbyists and fans.

A lot of this cost-saving is because of the Z50 using an APS-C ‘DX’-size sensor, as found in its selection of DSLRs from enthusiast right down to entry-level, which has enabled the camera to release with a cost tag well under $1,000/£1,000. This DX body can be installed with the same Z mount applied to the entire frame models, therefore full-frame Z lenses could be mounted straight onto the Z50 (and the new Z DX lenses will fit the Z 6 and Z 7, automatically engaging crop shooting mode). Using the same FTZ adaptor, existing DX and FX lenses for DSLRs can be utilized on the Z50 too.

Nikon Z50: Build and Handling

We thought the Nikon Z6 and Z7 were compact, however, the Z50 is positively dinky, particularly with the brand new ‘pancake’ Nikkor Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR kit lens attached. Gleam new Nikkor Z DX 50-250mm f/4.5-6.3 VR telephoto zoom.

The camera could be physically smaller sized and lighter than full-frame Z models, nonetheless, it runs on the similar deep grip that’s comfortable to carry. It has fewer buttons compared to the Z6 and Z7, but contact icons etched following to the touchscreen replace a few of the functionality of the physical control keys.

There are both rear and front-mounted scroll wheels that enable aperture and shutter speed to be quickly changed, among other functions. The exposure setting dial flips from the left to the proper side of the very best plate, when compared to Z6/7, however in a space-saving (and cost-conserving) measure, there’s no best LCD. Two programmable ‘Fn’ buttons allow commonly used configurations to be quickly transformed, and so are in the same place as the Z6/7, nestled near to the lens mount.

Nikon Z50: Performance

One of the primary selling factors of the Nikon Z50 is how light and compact it really is, nevertheless, you can’t truly appreciate these characteristics until you’re actually shooting with this. We had taken the Nikon Z50 around Bath city center on a busy Saturday afternoon, and it had been a pleasure to shoot with. It easily slipped into a small messenger bag, which meant we didn’t need to mess around with an effective camera handbag for an informal trip out.

Nevertheless, despite its diminutive and unassuming size, the Nikon Z50 is with the capacity of much more than simply travel and vacation snaps. The Z50 was perfectly suited to a run-and-gun shooting design as we captured quick snaps in the bustling town center. With a little and non-threatening profile – in addition to the extremely useful tilting touch screen LCD – the Nikon Z50 is flawlessly suitable for street photography.

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