Nikon Z8 Officially Announced, Price $3,999

Nikon Z8 Officially Announced, Price $3,999

Cutting-edge camera release set to revolutionize the world of photography and videography.

Nikon, the renowned camera manufacturer, made a significant announcement today, introducing the much-awaited Nikon Z8 full-frame mirrorless camera. Designed to cater to the needs of imaging professionals, serious photographers, videographers, and advanced creators, this groundbreaking camera is set to redefine the standards of excellence in photography.

The Nikon Z8 is the culmination of extensive research, development, and innovation aimed at providing a comprehensive toolset for capturing exceptional images and videos. With its advanced features and capabilities, this mirrorless camera is poised to revolutionize how professionals and enthusiasts approach their craft.

Nikon Z8 Pre-order links:

Nikon Z8 body: $3,996.95 at B&HAmazon.

Nikon Z8 with 24-120mm f/4 Lens: $4,896.95 at B&H.

Shipping is scheduled to start on May 25, 2023.

Nikon Z8 Key Features:

  • 45.7MP FX-Format Stacked CMOS Sensor
  • Lightweight Design, 30% Smaller than Z9
  • 8.3K 60p N-RAW, 4.1K 60p ProRes RAW
  • 8K30p and 4K120p Video, 10-Bit Internal
  • Up to 20 fps Raw, 30 fps JPEG Shooting
  • 493-Point AF, AI-Based Subject Detection
  • Blackout-Free Real Live Viewfinder
  • 3.2″ 4-Axis Tilting Touchscreen LCD
  • CFx Type B & SD Memory Card Slots
  • 5 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

At the heart of the Nikon Z8 lies a full-frame sensor, which promises exceptional image quality and outstanding low-light performance. This powerful sensor, combined with the camera’s advanced image processing engine, ensures impeccable clarity, rich colors, and remarkable dynamic range in every shot.

One of the key highlights of the Nikon Z8 is its autofocus system, which utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver swift, precise, and reliable subject tracking. This feature is set to transform the way photographers and videographers capture moving subjects, enabling them to achieve sharp focus and detail even in the most challenging scenarios.

In terms of video capabilities, the Nikon Z8 shines with its ability to capture high-resolution footage with remarkable clarity and cinematic quality. Videographers and content creators can now push their creative boundaries, thanks to the camera’s support for various video formats and advanced video features, including 4K and beyond.

The Nikon Z8 also boasts a sleek and ergonomic design, ensuring comfortable handling and intuitive control. Its weather-sealed construction adds durability, making it suitable for use in diverse shooting environments. Additionally, the camera features a high-resolution electronic viewfinder and a tilting touchscreen, providing versatile composition and shooting options.

Furthermore, Nikon has incorporated advanced connectivity options into the Z8, allowing seamless integration with mobile devices and efficient sharing of images and videos. This ensures that professionals and enthusiasts can easily transfer their work for immediate editing or sharing on the go.

The announcement of the Nikon Z8 has sparked great anticipation among photography professionals and enthusiasts alike. The camera’s cutting-edge features, image quality, and robust performance are expected to elevate the creative possibilities for users across various disciplines.

Currently, Nikon has not disclosed the exact release date or pricing details for the Nikon Z8, but industry insiders suggest it will be available later this year. Photography professionals and enthusiasts eagerly await the opportunity to experience the innovative capabilities of this excellent camera.

Disclaimer: The announcement as mentioned above, is based on official information provided by Nikon. Actual specifications, availability, and pricing details may vary and are subject to change without prior notice.

Price and Availability

On May 25, 2023, the new Nikon Z 8 will be offered for a suggested retail price of $3,999.95.* In May, the MB-N12 battery grip will be offered for $349.95 SRP.* Visit for additional details on the most recent Nikon goods, including the enormous selection of NIKKOR Z lenses and the whole line of Z series cameras.



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