Nikon Zfc Vs Nikon D3400

When it comes to selecting a camera, Nikon has been recognized as a reliable brand for a significant amount of time in the photography business. Over the course of its history, the company has introduced a diverse selection of cameras that are suitable for use by both seasoned photographers and amateurs.

In this piece, we will examine the similarities and differences of two of Nikon’s most popular cameras: the Nikon Zfc and the Nikon D3400. We will go into their features, specs, performance, and other aspects, with the goal of assisting you in making an educated selection depending on the requirements and inclinations you have.

Design and Build Quality

The user experience is significantly impacted by a camera’s overall design as well as the quality of its construction. The Nikon Zfc has a design that is reminiscent of the Nikon FM2 film camera, which was Nikon’s flagship model for many years.

Because of its little size and low weight, this camera is extremely portable and well suited for candid street photography. On the other hand, the Nikon D3400 is designed in a manner that is more typical of DSLR cameras; it has a bigger grip that improves both its ergonomics and its handling.

Sensor and Image Quality

APS-C-sized sensors are included in the Nikon Zfc and the Nikon D3400 cameras respectively. The D3400 has a resolution of 24.2 megapixels, but the Zfc has a resolution of 20.9 megapixels since it has a more sophisticated sensor.

Although it may appear that the D3400 has the upper hand in terms of resolution, the Zfc sensor makes use of more recent technology, which results in improved low-light performance as well as wider dynamic range.

Autofocus System

The Nikon Zfc has a hybrid autofocus technology, which puts it above of the competition when it comes to the autofocus capabilities of the camera. It combines phase-detection autofocus with contrast-detection autofocus, which results in focusing that is both quicker and more precise, particularly in environments with difficult lighting circumstances.

The Nikon D3400, despite its dependability, has only phase-detection autofocus, which may not be as accurate as contrast-detection focusing in some scenarios.

Specifications Comparison

SpecificationNikon ZfcNikon D3400
Release Year20212016
Megapixels20.9 MP24.2 MP
Image ProcessorEXPEED 6EXPEED 4
ISO Range100-51200 (expandable to 204800)100-25600
Autofocus Points20911
Continuous ShootingUp to 11 fpsUp to 5 fps
Video Recording4K UHD at 30pFull HD at 60p
LCD Screen3.0″ tilting touchscreen, 1040k dots3.0″ fixed, 921k dots
ViewfinderElectronic (EVF), 2360k dotsOptical (pentamirror), 95% coverage
Built-in FlashNoYes
Battery LifeApprox. 300 shots per chargeApprox. 1200 shots per charge (CIPA standard)
Weight (Body Only)Approx. 445 g (0.98 lb)Approx. 395 g (0.87 lb)

ISO Performance

One of the most important considerations to make is low-light photography, and the ISO performance of a camera is one of the most important factors to take into account when attempting to capture high-quality photographs in difficult lighting circumstances.

The Nikon Zfc has an outstanding ISO range of 100 to 51200, which enables it to perform exceptionally well in low light while simultaneously reducing noise. In contrast, the Nikon D3400 has an ISO range that is significantly lower than the Zfc, coming in at 100-25600. While this range is still good, it isn’t quite as impressive as the Zfc’s.

Video Capabilities

Both the Nikon Zfc and the Nikon D3400 are capable of shooting video for those individuals who have an interest in the field of videography.

The Zfc is capable of recording 4K UHD video at 30 frames per second, but the D3400 can only record video in Full HD (1080p) at 60 frames per second. If you are concerned about the level of video quality, the Zfc offers a more sophisticated alternative.

Connectivity Options

Connectivity elements are necessary for the transfer of photos without any hiccups and for the operation of remote controls. The Nikon Zfc is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, enabling users to easily share their photographs and take advantage of remote control capabilities using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

The Nikon D3400, on the other hand, does not have Wi-Fi built-in but does have Bluetooth connectivity for the purpose of picture sharing.

Battery Life

The life of the battery is a significant factor, particularly for photographers who routinely shoot for lengthy periods of time. The Nikon Zfc makes use of a rechargeable EN-EL25 battery, which allows for roughly 300 photographs to be taken on a single charge.

On the other hand, the Nikon D3400 makes use of a more robust EN-EL14a battery, which enables it to take an incredible 1,200 pictures on a single charge. When it comes to the D3400’s battery life, there is no contest between the two models.

Price and Value for Money

When it comes to selecting a camera, price is frequently the deciding factor. The Nikon Zfc is a more contemporary model that, as a result of its sophisticated functionality and throwback aesthetic, may be found in the more expensive price bracket.

Because it is an older model, the Nikon D3400 is more affordable and offers outstanding value for the money, which makes it an ideal camera for novice photographers or those working with a limited budget.


In summing up, the Nikon Zfc and the Nikon D3400 are both remarkable cameras that each have their own set of strong points and poor points. The Zfc is attractive to consumers who value a small vintage design, improved autofocus, more excellent ISO performance, and the ability to record video in 4K resolution.

On the other hand, the D3400 has superior image quality, a longer battery life, and pricing that is more appealing. In the end, the decision between the two will be determined by your own requirements, preferences, and financial constraints.


Q: Can I use my existing Nikon lenses with the Nikon Zfc?
A. Yes, the Nikon Zfc is compatible with Nikon’s Z-mount lenses as well as F-mount lenses with an adapter.
Q: Does the Nikon D3400 have a touchscreen?
A. No, the Nikon D3400 does not have a touchscreen. It relies on physical buttons and dials for operation.
Q: Which camera is better for beginners, the Zfc or the D3400?
A. Both cameras are suitable for beginners, but the Nikon D3400 is often recommended due to its user-friendly interface and affordable price.
Q: Can I shoot in RAW format with both cameras?
A. Yes, both the Nikon Zfc and the Nikon D3400 support RAW file format for more flexibility in post-processing.
Q: Are there any notable accessories available for these cameras?
A. Yes, there are various accessories available for both cameras, including external flashes, lenses, and camera bags. It’s advisable to check Nikon’s official website for a complete list of compatible accessories.


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