Nikon Zfc Vs Nikon D750

When it comes to picking out a camera, Nikon has been recognized as a reliable brand for a very long time among photographers. The Nikon Zfc and the Nikon D750 are both well-known camera models that stand out for the unique capabilities and features they provide.

In this post, we will contrast the Nikon Zfc with the Nikon D750 so that you can make an educated purchase decision based on the requirements and preferences you have for your photography.

Design and Ergonomics

When it comes to ease of use and comfort while shooting, the physical design of a camera is one of the most important factors. The Nikon Zfc has an appearance that is reminiscent of the Nikon FM2 film camera, which was Nikon’s flagship model for many years. Because of its small size and low weight, it is very convenient to transport and use for long periods of time without becoming cumbersome.

On the other side, the Nikon D750 is a DSLR that adheres to more conventional design principles, as seen by its bigger and more cumbersome body. Even though the solid feel of a DSLR camera is appealing to some photographers, others may find that it is too burdensome for extended periods of time spent shooting. When analyzing the design and ergonomics of these cameras, it is essential to take into account your own tastes as well as the way you often shoot.

Image Quality

Both the Nikon Zfc and the Nikon D750 are remarkable for the superior image quality that they produce. The Zfc features an APS-C sensor that has 20.9 megapixels, which enables it to create photographs that are crisp, detailed, and vivid in color. On the other hand, the Nikon D750 is equipped with a full-frame sensor that has 24.3 megapixels, which results in improved low-light performance as well as dynamic range.

If mobility is more important to you than picture quality and you are ready to make a modest concession in terms of sensor size, the Zfc delivers great image quality in a more compact body. If, on the other hand, you frequently photograph in difficult lighting settings or want a higher dynamic range, the full-frame sensor of the D750 will be a better fit for your demands than the sensor of the D610.

Autofocus System

It is essential to give careful consideration to the autofocus mechanism, particularly for photographers who regularly capture subjects that are in motion, such as those who specialize in sports or wildlife photography. The Nikon Zfc employs a hybrid autofocus technology that features 209 focus points, which allows for subject tracking that is both accurate and dependable. In addition to that, it has eye-detection autofocus, which allows for portraits and close-ups to be taken with the subject’s eyes in perfect focus.

On the other hand, the Nikon D750 is equipped with a 51-point focusing system that carries out very well in a wide variety of photographic contexts. It focuses quickly and accurately, enabling you to take clear photographs of moving subjects with ease. The autofocus technology of the Zfc is more sophisticated than that of the D750 in terms of the number of focus points; nonetheless, the autofocus system of the D750 is extremely capable and trusted by many professional photographers.

Specifications Comparison

SpecificationsNikon ZfcNikon D750
Release Year20212014
Sensor20.9MP APS-C CMOS24.3MP Full-frame CMOS
Image ProcessorEXPEED 6EXPEED 4
ISO Range100-51,200 (expandable to 204,800)100-12,800 (expandable to 51,200)
AF Points209 phase-detection points51 AF points, 15 cross-type
Continuous ShootingUp to 11 fpsUp to 6.5 fps
Video Recording4K UHD at 30 fpsFull HD 1080p at 60 fps
LCD Screen3.0″ tilting touch screen, 1.04m dots3.2″ tilting screen, 1.23m dots
Viewfinder0.39″ OLED, 2.36m dotsOptical viewfinder, 100% coverage
ConnectivityWi-Fi, BluetoothWi-Fi, USB, HDMI
Weight390g (body only)840g (body only)

Performance and Speed

There are several notable variations between the two cameras, despite the fact that both offer remarkable performance and quickness. The Nikon Zfc makes use of Nikon’s most recent image-processing engine, the Expeed 6, which enables the camera to function in a quick and effective manner. Because it is capable of filming continuously at up to 11 frames per second, it is well suited for recording action that is occurring at a rapid rate.

On the other hand, the Nikon D750 is equipped with the Expeed 4 image-processing engine, which is a little bit more mature but still provides dependable performance. It can shoot continuously at up to 6.5 frames per second, which is still a good pace for the vast majority of types of photography.

Video Capabilities

If shooting videos is something that interests you, you’ll find that both the Nikon Zfc and the Nikon D750 have a lot to offer in this regard. The Zfc is capable of recording 4K Ultra High Definition video at a frame rate of 30, which results in footage of superior quality that captures even the finest details. Additionally, it includes built-in picture stabilization, which ensures that handheld footage will be smoother.

On the other hand, the Nikon D750 is capable of shooting Full HD video at a number of different frame rates, including 60 frames per second for the purpose of producing smooth slow-motion footage. Although it does not have an image stabilization system built in, it is compatible with a number of Nikon lenses that have optical stabilization.

Battery Life

The longevity of the battery is a significant concern, particularly for photographers who spend extended amounts of time shooting in remote locations. The Nikon Zfc is powered by an EN-EL25 battery, which, on average, can take roughly 300 photographs before needing to be recharged. Even while it does a fine job for shooting photos in your leisure time, if you plan on using it for longer periods, you might want to bring some extra batteries.

On the other hand, the Nikon D750 is powered by an EN-EL15 battery, which has an approximatively 1,230-shot capacity for each full charge and provides a much longer battery life. Because of this, it is better suited for professional photographers or anyone who need to be able to maintain lengthy shooting sessions without often switching batteries.

Price and Value

When deciding between the Nikon Zfc and the Nikon D750, the price of each option is an important consideration. When compared to the D750, the Zfc is a more wallet-friendly choice because to its position as a mid-range mirrorless camera and its lower price. It provides a good bargain for photographers that place a high priority on portability and a vintage style, without sacrificing image quality or performance.

Because it is a full-frame DSLR, the Nikon D750 normally carries a price tag that is more than that of the Zfc. Because of its outstanding performance in low light and its strong build quality, it is a popular option among professional photographers as well as photography hobbyists who want the highest possible image quality and adaptability.


In summing up, the Nikon Zfc and the Nikon D750 are both remarkable cameras that stand out because to a unique combination of qualities and capabilities. The Zfc is attractive to photographers who value mobility, vintage style, and cost in addition to receiving great image quality and performance from their cameras. The Nikon D750, on the other hand, is a workhorse camera that delivers improved performance in low light, a reliable autofocus system, and superb build quality. As a result, it is a fantastic choice for professionals or hobbyists who are looking for the greatest degree of picture quality and adaptability.

In general, selecting between the Nikon Zfc and the Nikon D750 is something that should be done with consideration given to your particular photographic goals, preferences, and financial constraints. In order to make an educated purchase, you need carefully evaluate your priorities and take into consideration a number of criteria like the design, image quality, focusing capabilities, performance, video features, battery life, and pricing.


Q: Can I use my existing Nikon lenses with the Nikon Zfc?
A: Yes, the Nikon Zfc is compatible with Nikon Z-mount lenses, as well as F-mount lenses using an adapter.
Q: Which camera is better for beginners, the Nikon Zfc, or the Nikon D750?
A: Both cameras are capable options, but the Zfc’s smaller size and user-friendly features make it more beginner-friendly.
Q: Does the Nikon Zfc have a built-in flash?
A: Yes, the Nikon Zfc features a built-in flash, which can be useful for fill-in lighting in certain situations.
Q: Can I record videos in slow motion with the Nikon D750?
A: Yes, the Nikon D750 supports Full HD video recording at 60 frames per second, allowing for smooth slow-motion footage.
Q: Is the Nikon Zfc weather-sealed?
A: No, the Nikon Zfc is not weather-sealed, so caution should be exercised when shooting in challenging weather conditions.


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