Ninkon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 Review

The stunning addition of the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens to Nikon’s arsenal of high-quality lenses created exclusively for their Z-series mirrorless cameras is a significant step forward for the company. This lens is a terrific choice for photographers and videographers who need a wide-angle lens that has excellent optical performance because of its flexible focal range and fast maximum aperture.

In this in-depth analysis of the lens, we will delve into a variety of aspects of it, including its design and construction, performance, autofocus system, vibration reduction, build quality, handling and ergonomics, image stabilization, shooting experience, image quality, teleconverter compatibility, and a comparison with its rivals. In addition, we will emphasize both the positive and negative aspects of the lens, evaluate its pricing and availability, and finish up with our concluding views of the lens’ overall performance.

Key Specs

  • Mount Type: Nikon Z Mount
  • Focal Length Range: 17 – 28mm
  • Zoom Ratio: 1.6x
  • Maximum Aperture: f/2.8
  • Minimum Aperture: f/22
  • Format: FX
  • Maximum Angle of View (DX-format): 79°-53°
  • Maximum Angle of View (FX-format): 104°-75°
  • Maximum Reproduction Ratio: 0.19× (at 17 mm zoom position), 0.17× (at 28 mm zoom position)
  • Lens Elements: 13
  • Lens Groups: 11
  • Diaphragm Blades: 9
  • Rounded diaphragm opening
  • ED Glass Elements: 2
  • Super ED Glass Elements: 1
  • Aspherical Elements: 3
  • Autofocus: Yes
  • AF Actuator: STM (stepping motor)
  • Internal Focusing: Yes
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 0.63 ft (0.19m) at 17mm zoom position, 0.76 ft (0.23m) at 20mm zoom position, 0.86 ft (0.26m) at 24mm zoom position, 0.86 ft (0.26m) at 28mm zoom position
  • Focus Mode: Auto, Manual (no switch)
  • Filter Size: 67mm (P=0.75mm)
  • Approx. Dimensions (Diameter x Length): 3 in. (75 mm) x 4 in. (101 mm) Distance to end of lens from camera lens mount flange
  • Approx. Weight: 15.9 oz. (450 g)

Design and Build

The top lenses that Nikon has to offer, such as the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8, all feature a design that is both refined and sturdy, and this lens is no exception. The lens has a sturdy structure made of metal, which guarantees its lifespan and dependability. As a result, it is an excellent choice for use in challenging shooting circumstances. It is also built to be weather-sealed, which provides protection against dust and moisture. This is something that is very beneficial for photographers who work in outdoor settings.

In addition, the lens is relatively small and not overly heavy, so it is not only easy to transport but also quite useful for use whether shooting on-site or when traveling. The zoom and focus rings are conveniently located, and their operation is both smooth and precise, all of which contribute to a gratifying experience when shooting. Overall, the design of the lens and the quality of its construction are superb, which reflects Nikon’s dedication to manufacturing lenses that are up to the standards expected by both professional photographers and photography lovers.


When it comes to its overall performance, the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens stands out as a clear winner. Because of its broad focal range, it is an excellent choice for photography in a variety of settings, including interiors, architecture, and landscapes, since it enables photographers to capture expansive panoramas easily. Even at its most open aperture, the lens maintains an outstanding level of sharpness and clarity across the entirety of its zoom range. As a consequence of the successful suppression of chromatic aberration and distortion, the pictures produced have a high degree of optical clarity. In addition, the lens has very little vignetting, which ensures that there is a uniform distribution of light across the frame.

The aperture of f/2.8 offers outstanding performance in low light, which enables photographers to shoot in demanding lighting settings without sacrificing the quality of their images. In addition, the focusing technology of the lens is lightning-quick, precise, and dependable, allowing it to follow targets with ease and effectiveness. The focusing function of the lens is reliable and accurate, regardless of whether you are photographing things that are motionless or catching activity that is moving quickly. In general, the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens delivers remarkable performance, which makes it a vital tool for photographers who want exceptional image quality and the ability to autofocus their subjects reliably.

Autofocus System

The autofocus function of the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens is a noteworthy feature since it enables photographers to focus their shots quickly and accurately. The lens makes use of a stepping motor (STM) that is both silent and smooth, which allows it to conduct autofocus operations quickly and precisely. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking pictures or recording video; the focusing mechanism works at an impressively fast pace, which ensures that you won’t miss any important moments no matter what you’re doing.

Even when autofocus is active, photographers are still able to make manual adjustments to the focus of their images with this lens’ manual focus override feature. This function comes in helpful when you require fine control over focusing, particularly in situations where autofocus may fail, such as scenes with low light or poor contrast, because it allows you to set the focus manually. The autofocus mechanism of the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens is all things considered, a dependable and effective device that improves the quality of the shooting experience.

Vibration Reduction

Vibration Reduction (VR) is a technology that is included in the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens. This technology is beneficial for shooting handheld and obtaining steady photos in challenging settings. Because the VR system can successfully correct camera motion, you will no longer need to worry about blur caused by the camera moving when shooting at reduced shutter rates thanks to this feature. While photographing in low light or while using the lens at its telephoto end, when even the tiniest motions might result in apparent image blur, this function is convenient.

You are able to get more explicit photos and smoother video footage by activating the VR, which allows you to make the most of the lens’ potential in a variety of shooting situations. The VR technology that is included in the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens is incredibly effective. It offers up to 4 stops of stabilization, which enables photographers to shoot with confidence when they do not have access to or are unable to use a tripod.

Build Quality

It is impossible to overstate just how excellent the build quality of the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens is. Because it is crafted with such high-quality components and meticulous engineering, the finished product has the texture and weight of a lens that is built to last. The lens barrel is composed of durable metal, which offers exceptional resistance to wear and tear as a result of everyday use. In addition to this, the lens has a weather seal that prevents dust and moisture from getting inside it, making it safe for usage in a variety of environments that are found outside.

Photographers gain confidence from the lens’s ability to survive the rigors of professional use thanks to its solid design, which allows them to capture even the most challenging images. In addition to contributing to the lens’s overall build quality, the zoom and focus rings are both silky smooth and include enough damping. This facilitates accurate control and a pleasurable photographic experience.

Handling and Ergonomics

Ergonomics were taken into consideration throughout the development of the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens, which results in a shooting experience that is both comfortable and natural. Because of its small size and low weight, it is straightforward to carry, which helps reduce feelings of weariness during extended shooting sessions or when traveling. The lens has both a zoom ring and a focus ring that can be adjusted independently, making it possible to make changes that are both simple and accurate while shooting.

The ring’s easy rotation and just-right level of resistance both add to the lens’s overall handling, which makes it a joy to use. Mirrorless cameras from Nikon’s Z-series may also be used with this lens without any issues, resulting in a combination that is well-balanced and ergonomic. In general, the handling and ergonomics of the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens are superb, which improves the photographer’s ability to capture their vision in a manner that is both comfortable and straightforward.

Image Stabilization

A sophisticated image stabilization technology is included in the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens. This feature is especially helpful when shooting handheld or in circumstances when a tripod is not available or is impractical to use. Even at slower shutter speeds, you’ll be able to take shots that are more precise thanks to the image stabilization feature that’s integrated right into the lens. While photographing in low-light circumstances or while using the lens at longer focal lengths, this function is beneficial since it allows the photographer to focus more precisely.

The lens has an image stabilization mechanism, which provides remarkable stability and lessens the likelihood that photographs may be blurry as a result of unintended camera movement. The image stabilization that is included in the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens guarantees that your photographs and handheld video footage come out looking clean and sharp no matter what you’re shooting: landscapes, interiors, or handheld video footage.

Shooting Experience

The Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens offers a delightful shooting experience that will please both experienced photographers and those just starting out in the field. The lens’s wide-angle focal range provides versatility, enabling you to photograph a variety of topics, from enormous vistas to tight interiors. This gives you the ability to capture a wide range of scenes. The fast aperture of f/2.8 guarantees outstanding performance in low light and the ability to produce a narrow depth of focus when required. The autofocus performance provided by the lens is dependable and constant, allowing for the rapid and precise tracking of targets.

Photographers who choose a hands-on approach have an additional degree of control available to them thanks to the manual focus override. The design of the lens, which is compact and lightweight, makes it easy to carry and handle, which not only improves portability but also reduces muscle tension during lengthy periods of photography. You are able to concentrate on capturing your creative vision thanks to the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens, which offers a shooting experience that is both smooth and fun, regardless of whether you are still taking photographs or recording video.

Image Quality

Your shots are sure to be crisp, detailed, and colorful if you use the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens since it produces images of high quality. The lens makes use of cutting-edge optics and lens components to reduce chromatic aberration and distortion. As a consequence, the images produced by the lens have excellent clarity and colors that are accurate to the real world. The lens works really well across the entirety of its zoom range and keeps a constant level of sharpness from the center outwards.

The lens retains exceptional clarity and detail even when shooting at the largest aperture of f/2.8, which enables you to produce spectacular photographs with a small depth of field. Additionally, the lens has very little vignetting, which ensures that the whole frame receives an equivalent amount of light. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking pictures of interiors, exteriors, or landscapes; the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens will always produce high-quality photographs that are up to the standards expected of professional photographers.

Teleconverter Compatibility

Because it is compatible with teleconverters, the adaptability of the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens may be expanded, and you will be able to broaden the range of focal lengths available to you. You are able to efficiently extend the lens’s range without compromising the image quality if you install a teleconverter that is compatible with the lens. This function is beneficial for photographing animals and sports, as well as any other circumstance that calls for a greater focal length. You are able to capture more distant things with higher clarity and magnification thanks to the compatibility of your camera with teleconverters, which opens up new creative possibilities.

It is essential to keep in mind that teleconverters, despite the fact that they extend the lens’s reach, might have a marginally negative impact on the maximum aperture and the lens’s ability to autofocus. However, the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens is engineered to maintain high picture quality and focusing precision even when suitable teleconverters are attached to the camera. This ensures that you will be able to obtain excellent results in a wide variety of shooting circumstances.

Comparison with Competitors

When contrasted with other lenses in its class, the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens distinguishes out thanks to its superior performance and flexible application options. Photographers have the ability to capture a wide variety of objects, from sweeping vistas to architectural details, thanks to this lens’ wide-angle focal range and its fast maximum aperture of f/2.8. The picture quality produced by the lens is exceptional, characterized by superb sharpness, low levels of distortion, and faithful reproduction of color.

Because the autofocus technology is both rapid and dependable, it allows for topic tracking that is both quick and accurate. The lens has an impressively high build quality, as seen by its weather-sealing and sturdy construction, both of which contribute to its dependability in complex shooting environments. In addition, the lens’s ability to work with teleconverters provides an additional boost to its reach, making it an invaluable asset for photographers interested in photographing sports and animals.


Mount TypeNikon Z Mount
Focal Length Range17 – 28mm
Zoom Ratio1.6x
Maximum Aperturef/2.8
Minimum Aperturef/22
Maximum Angle of View (DX)79°-53°
Maximum Angle of View (FX)104°-75°
Maximum Reproduction Ratio0.19x (at 17mm zoom position), 0.17x (at 28mm zoom position)
Lens Elements13
Lens Groups11
Diaphragm Blades9
Rounded Diaphragm OpeningYes
ED Glass Elements2
Super ED Glass Elements1
Aspherical Elements3
AF ActuatorSTM (stepping motor)
Internal FocusingYes
Minimum Focus Distance0.63 ft at 17mm zoom position, 0.76 ft at 20mm zoom position, 0.86 ft at 24mm zoom position, 0.86 ft at 28mm zoom position (all measured from focal plane)
Focus ModeAuto, Manual (no switch)
Filter Size67mm (P=0.75mm)
Approx. Dimensions3 in. (75 mm) (Diameter) x 4 in. (101 mm) (Length)
Approx. Weight15.9 oz. (450 g)
Lens TypeZoom

Pros and Cons


  • The flexible focal range covers a wide angle of view
  • An extremely quick maximum aperture of f/2.8


  • When utilizing teleconverters, there is a possibility of a tiny reduction in the maximum aperture and performance of the focusing system.
  • This limitation applies only to Nikon Z-series mirrorless cameras.

Price and Availability

When its remarkable performance and feature set are taken into consideration, the price of the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens is reasonable. It is now available for purchase from authorized merchants that sell Nikon products, including those that operate online.

However, it is strongly advised that you check for the most recent information regarding cost and availability, as these factors may change over time and in different countries.


To summarize, the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens is an outstanding option for photographers looking for a wide-angle lens that offers superior optical performance. It performs in a variety of photography conditions because of its versatile focal range, fast aperture, reliable autofocus mechanism, and high-quality design.

The lens produces exceptional image quality, capturing photos that are clear and vivid while having minimal distortion. Its flexibility is further increased by the fact that it is compatible with teleconverters. In general, the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens is a great addition to Nikon’s Z-series lens collection. This lens provides photographers with all the tools they need to unleash their creativity and produce breathtaking photos.

Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 FAQs

Q. Is the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens compatible with all Nikon Z-series mirrorless cameras?
A. Yes, the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens is designed explicitly for Nikon Z-mount cameras, making it fully compatible with all Nikon Z-series mirrorless cameras.
Q. Does the lens have image stabilization?
A. No, the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens does not have built-in optical image stabilization. However, it is compatible with the in-body image stabilization (IBIS) feature found in select Nikon Z-series cameras.
Q. Can I use filters with the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens?
A. Yes, the lens has a filter thread size of 67mm, allowing you to attach filters such as UV filters, polarizers, and neutral density filters to enhance your photography.
Q. Is the lens weather-sealed?
A. Yes, the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens features weather-sealing, providing protection against dust and moisture. This makes it suitable for outdoor photography in various weather conditions.
Q. Can I use teleconverters with this lens?
A. Teleconverters are not typically used with wide-angle lenses like the Nikon Z 17-28mm f/2.8 lens. As a result, the lens does not have specific teleconverter compatibility.



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