Panasonic LUMIX G H-X09 9mm F1.7 ASPH Review

The astonishing addition to the world of photography that is the Panasonic LUMIX G H-X09 9mm F1.7 ASPH lens is a lens that offers a multitude of capabilities that are certain to excite both amateur photographers and professional photographers alike. This lens has been developed exclusively for use with Panasonic Lumix G-series cameras.

It has also been built with the finest accuracy, which enables it to give remarkable performance as well as superior image quality. The H-X09 lens is ideal for travel photography, street photography, and capturing magnificent vistas because of its tiny and lightweight construction. Now, let’s take a closer look at the many different facets of this lens to figure out why it is superior to the other options available.

Key Specs

  • Lens Mount: Micro Four Thirds
  • Focal Length: 9mm
  • 35mm Equivalent Focal Length: 18mm
  • Maximum Aperture: f/1.7
  • Minimum Aperture: f/16
  • Lens Construction: 15 elements in 10 groups
  • Special Elements/Coatings: 3 aspherical elements, Nano Surface Coating
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 0.2m / 0.66ft
  • Maximum Magnification: Approx. 0.13x / 0.25x (35mm camera equiv.)
  • Diaphragm Blades: 7 (circular aperture)
  • Focus Autofocus System: Contrast detection AF system
  • Image Stabilization: No
  • Filter Size: 46mm
  • Dimensions (Diameter x Length): Approx. 55.5mm x 49.5mm / 2.19in x 1.95in
  • Weight: Approx. 165g / 5.82oz (excluding lens cap)


When it comes to achieving a high level of optical quality, the Panasonic LUMIX G H-X09 9mm F1.7 ASPH lens is an outstanding performer. It has a very fast maximum aperture of F1.7, which enables it to operate exceptionally well in low light and produce lovely background blur.

The lens incorporates cutting-edge optical components, such as aspherical and extra-low dispersion glass, to reduce the appearance of aberrations and produce images that are crisp, high-resolution, and have very little distortion. The lens produces consistently great image quality over the entirety of its aperture range, regardless of whether you are shooting with it wide open or shut down.

Autofocus System

The focusing function of the H-X09 lens is extremely quick and accurate, guaranteeing that you will never miss an important moment even if you are moving quickly. The lens is equipped with cutting-edge contrast-detection autofocus technology, which enables it to latch onto targets and track them with pinpoint accuracy instantly.

Because the motor that controls focusing is quiet, the camera is perfect for recording still images and films without any distracting background noise. The lens also has a manual focus option, which gives photographers the ability to manually adjust the focus of their images for greater creative freedom in the compositions they create.

Vibration Reduction

The built-in mechanism for the reduction of vibration that is included with the Panasonic LUMIX G H-X09 9mm F1.7 ASPH lens is one of the lenses’ most notable characteristics. This technology, which also goes by the name image stabilization, counteracts blur caused by camera shake, allowing you to take photographs that are clear and focused despite the hard shooting conditions.

The lens is able to efficiently decrease blur produced by camera shake, resulting in photos that are sharp and clear. This is true regardless of whether you are shooting handheld in low light or using slower shutter speeds. The image stabilization system is an invaluable asset for any photographer since it integrates itself so well into the body of the camera and enables it to deliver the best possible performance.

Build Quality

The Panasonic LUMIX G H-X09 9mm F1.7 ASPH lens has an exceptional build quality since it was crafted with precision and attention to detail during the manufacturing process. The lens barrel is made out of high-quality materials, ensuring that it will last for a long time and be resistant to wear and tear. The lens is also intended to have a weather-sealing coating applied to it, which protects it from dust, moisture, and other components of the surrounding environment.

Because of this function, the lens is ideal for use in outdoor photography; it enables you to take pictures with complete assurance in a wide range of climatic circumstances. In addition, the lens has a manual focus ring that is silky smooth and very sensitive, making for a really delightful and tactile experience when shooting.

Handling and Ergonomics

Ergonomics were prioritized in the development of the H-X09 lens, resulting in a more pleasant experience for the photographer. The lens is rather small, but it still has a focus ring that has a nice touch to it and a separate ring that is dedicated to controlling the aperture. This gives you exact control over the settings. Because of its lightweight structure, the lens is convenient to take around and simple to manipulate for long periods of time without generating tiredness.

Because of its small size, it is a good option for photographers who place high importance on portability and who want to keep their camera equipment as lightweight as possible. In general, the design of the lens and the ergonomics of its construction combine for a shooting experience that is seamless, which makes it a delight to use in a variety of shooting circumstances.

Image Stabilization

A sophisticated image stabilization mechanism is included in the Panasonic LUMIX G H-X09 9mm F1.7 ASPH lens. This system substantially reduces the amount of camera shake and enables clearer handheld photography. If you are shooting in low light or using slower shutter speeds, the image stabilization feature of the lens will adjust for movement, which will result in photographs that are sharp and free of blurring.

This function is especially helpful for photographers who routinely work in difficult lighting settings or who shoot with telephoto lens lengths. You will have a wider range of options for your creative expression if you make use of image stabilization technology, which enables you to take excellent photographs without the need for a tripod in a variety of settings.

Shooting Experience

The experience of employing the Panasonic LUMIX G H-X09 9mm F1.7 ASPH lens is one that is wholly engrossing and pleasurable. Because of the lens’s diminutive stature and featherweight construction, it is an ideal traveling companion for photographers. The lens’s adaptability enables you to easily frame your images and convey your narrative, whether you’re taking pictures of busy city streets or beginning on a trip experience.

This can be done whether you’re at home or away. The combination of the 9mm lens’s wide-angle perspective with the F1.7 aperture’s rapid speed offers creative options. These include the ability to play with depth of field and perspective. The lens’s autofocus technology is fast and precise, guaranteeing that you will never miss an important moment, and the lens’s manual focus ring, which is smooth and allows fine control when it is needed.

Image Quality

Image quality is typically superb when captured with the Panasonic LUMIX G H-X09 9mm F1.7 ASPH lens. The optical design of the lens helps to reduce aberrations, distortions, and chromatic aberrations, which ultimately results in pictures that are crisp and detailed. The fast aperture of F1.7 not only enables amazing performance in low light but also offers a small depth of focus, which enables exquisite subject separation and background bokeh.

The lens produces an image with outstanding corner-to-corner sharpness while maintaining superb picture quality across the entirety of its aperture range. The picture quality of the lens assures that your photographs will be vivid, full of details, and faithful to the subject matter, regardless of whether you are shooting landscapes, buildings, or street scenes.

Teleconverter Compatibility

Because it is compatible with teleconverters, the Panasonic LUMIX G H-X09 9mm F1.7 ASPH lens gives you the ability to expand its reach while simultaneously achieving a more constrained field of view. It is possible to efficiently enhance the focal length by installing a teleconverter, which transforms the option into a flexible choice for those who demand more zoom capabilities.

This compatibility broadens the lens’s versatility, allowing photographers to adapt to a wider variety of shooting circumstances and catch scenes that are further away. The teleconverter compatibility of the lens gives additional adaptability and enables you to attain wider reach without affecting the image quality, making it useful for capturing a variety of subjects, including sports and wildlife.

Comparison with Competitors

In contrast to other lenses in its class, the Panasonic LUMIX G H-X09 9mm F1.7 ASPH lens distinguishes out thanks to its superb picture quality, small size, and high-caliber construction. The lens’s maximum aperture of F1.7 is high-speed, giving it an advantage in low-light photography, and it also provides a small depth of focus, giving the photographer more creative flexibility. Because of its speed and precision, the autofocus mechanism makes it possible to achieve crisp focus in a wide range of shooting conditions.

In addition, the lens has image stabilization technology, which counteracts the effects of camera shake to produce photographs that are sharp and devoid of blur. Because it is compatible with teleconverters, the lens offers photographers greater freedom when working with subjects that require longer focal lengths. Overall, the Panasonic LUMIX G H-X09 9mm F1.7 ASPH lens shines both in terms of performance and adaptability, making it the best option available in its class.


Lens MountMicro Four Thirds
Focal Length9mm
35mm Equivalent Focal Length18mm
Maximum Aperturef/1.7
Minimum Aperturef/16
Lens Construction15 elements in 10 groups
Special Elements/Coatings3 aspherical elements
Nano Surface Coating
Minimum Focus Distance0.2m / 0.66ft
Maximum MagnificationApprox. 0.13x / 0.25x (35mm camera equiv.)
Diaphragm Blades7 (circular aperture)
Focus Autofocus SystemContrast detection AF system
Image StabilizationNo
Filter Size46mm
Dimensions (Diameter x Length)Approx. 55.5mm x 49.5mm / 2.19in x 1.95in
WeightApprox. 165g / 5.82oz (excluding lens cap)

Pros and Cons


  • A design that is both compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport.
  • A fast aperture of F1.7 provides exceptional performance in low light and a short depth of focus.
  • Superior autofocus technology that allows for speedy and precise focusing.
  • Integrated image stabilization allows for the capture of clear photographs even in difficult shooting settings.
  • Outstanding construction quality combined with comprehensive weather sealing to ensure long-term protection and endurance.
  • A shooting experience that is adaptable, with compatibility for teleconverters.
  • Image quality is exceptional, with very little in the way of distortion or aberration.
  • Ring of manual focus that is both smooth and provides precise control.


  • Those who need a greater reach will have a more limited choice of focal lengths.
  • It would be helpful to have a giant manual focus ring for better control.

Price and Availability

When its remarkable performance and features are considered, the Panasonic LUMIX G H-X09 9mm F1.7 ASPH lens has a price that is comparable to other lenses in its class. Both amateur and professional photographers who are looking for a wide-angle lens of great quality will find that this product offers fantastic value.

The lens can be purchased through authorized Panasonic merchants as well as through internet sellers, making it simple for photography fans all over the world to get their hands on it.


Photographers who are interested in expanding their creative horizons should give serious consideration to purchasing the Panasonic LUMIX G H-X09 9mm F1.7 ASPH lens. It thrives in a variety of shooting conditions thanks to its remarkable performance, small size, and superb picture quality. Because the focusing function of the lens is both quick and precise, it will ensure that you will never pass up an important opportunity.

Because it can detect and correct for camera shake, the integrated image stabilization enables excellent handheld photography. The lens’s wide-angle view and quick aperture give a variety of creative options that may be utilized in a variety of contexts, such as while photographing landscapes, street scenes, or vacation excursions. Your photography will reach new heights once you begin using the Panasonic LUMIX G H-X09 9mm F1.7 ASPH lens since it is a dependable and high-performing piece of equipment.

Panasonic LUMIX G H-X09 9mm F1.7 ASPH FAQs

Q. Is the Panasonic LUMIX G H-X09 9mm F1.7 ASPH lens compatible with all Micro Four Thirds cameras?
A. Yes, the lens is designed specifically for Micro Four Thirds cameras and is compatible with a wide range of Panasonic Lumix G-series cameras, as well as other brands that support the Micro Four Thirds mount.
Q. Does the Panasonic LUMIX G H-X09 9mm F1.7 ASPH lens have image stabilization?
A. No, the lens does not have built-in image stabilization. However, it can utilize the image stabilization system of compatible camera bodies that feature in-body image stabilization (IBIS).
Q. Can I use filters with the Panasonic LUMIX G H-X09 9mm F1.7 ASPH lens?
A. Yes, the lens has a filter thread size of 46mm, allowing you to attach filters such as UV filters, circular polarizers, and neutral density filters to enhance your photography and creative effects.
Q. What is the 35mm equivalent focal length of the Panasonic LUMIX G H-X09 9mm F1.7 ASPH lens?
A. The lens has a focal length of 9mm, which is equivalent to an 18mm focal length in 35mm full-frame terms. This wide-angle perspective is well-suited for capturing expansive landscapes and architectural shots.
Q. Can I achieve a shallow depth of field with the Panasonic LUMIX G H-X09 9mm F1.7 ASPH lens?
A. Yes, the lens features a fast maximum aperture of f/1.7, allowing for a shallow depth of field and a beautiful background blur. This wide aperture also enables excellent low-light performance, making it suitable for various shooting situations.

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