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Panasonic X2000 Review

The Panasonic HC-X2000 UHD 4K Pro Camcorder may assist balance your demands whether you’re filming behind-the-scenes (BTS) in HD and want to expand to 4K, or it can let you go directly to 4K.

The X2000 shoots and records UHD 4K at broadcast-compatible frame rates, making it easy to integrate into your current broadcast process. It is small and light enough for a director or on-set BTS.

The X2000 has a 1/2.5 inch “8.29M MOS sensor with a 4K resolution that is always being recorded, a Venus processing engine to downscale the 4K picture for transmission in Full HD, and both 3G-SDI and HDMI outputs. Through the internal microphone, audio may be captured in up to 24-bit PCM.

The built-in Leica Dicomar lens has a 24x zoom with the widest angle of 25mm and can zoom up to 48x using the digital izoom function. You can track faces with the Face Detection AF function, which also automatically adjusts the focus on your subject.

To keep your photos stable, it also has a control dial, manual control rings, and a 5-axis optical image stabilization system. The 3.5 “Fold-out LCD has a touchscreen with a high resolution. The camera has HEVC compression and records in the.mp4,.mov and AVCHD codecs.

You may employ relay and simultaneous recording thanks to the camera’s two SD card ports. The camera also supports RTP/RTSP/RTMP/RTMPS broadcasts for live streaming over 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.

Included is the VW-HU1 detachable top handle unit, which has two 3-pin XLR inputs with independent volume control knobs and the ability to switch between mic, line, and +48V phantom power.

A built-in LED light with dimming capabilities is located on the front of the device and may be utilized to highlight your subject with a gentle, diffused light. The handle has a shoe mount and mounting thread for extra attachments, as well as a microphone holder that can carry a typical shotgun mike.


  • Up to UHD 4, K video may be recorded and delivered through HDMI or 3G-SDI (BNC).
  • Wi-Fi live streaming utilizing RTSP/RTMP/RTMPS streams.
  • The camera has 5-axis optical image stabilization while in 4K recording mode (O.I.S.).
  • There are two manual lens rings on the HC-X2000.
  • The camera has changeable physical ND filters built-in.
  • The camera can record in AVCHD Progressive, MP4, or MOV.
  • Two 3-pin XLR audio inputs for line or mic level input are included on the camera’s detachable top handle, along with a switch for +48V phantom power.
  • You may manually alter the levels during a shot without bringing up a menu by using knobs built into the side of the camera.

Zoom capabilities

The Panasonic HC X2000’s zoom capabilities range from a 25mm wide-angle to a 600mm equivalent 24x optical zoom as well as an iZoom of 32x UHD/48x FHD.


It boasts incredible face identification and color recognition, as well as 4K extremely high accuracy Autofocus (AF/AE).


It offers incredible HYBRID O.I.S stabilization employing 5-axis correction to prevent camera shaking from spoiling your spectacular photos.

Recording techniques

The Panasonic HC X2000 can record in MOV/MP4 and ACVHD and can write files in 4K 60p @200mbps HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) 4:2:0 10bit.

With Slow Motion

The Panasonic HC X2000 has a remarkable feature that is uncommon on cameras in this price range: the ability to record in just MOV or ACVHD while employing the incredible super slow-motion formats of 120/100fps.

The live-streaming function

Ability to stream in full HD while enabling file transfers through RTSP, RTP, RTMP, and RTMPS. From a tablet application, you may remotely manage the camera’s focus, zoom, and settings.

utilizing the onboard Wi-Fi module. Using a LAN or wireless internet device, you may broadcast directly to Facebook, Youtube, and other streaming services.

Visit our Ultimate Guide To Live Streaming for a thorough look at the subject and learn all you need to know to effectively Livestream any event using either a single camera or a multi-camera configuration.

sound sources and audio

The body may be made even smaller by removing the detachable handle (converting the model down to X1500). The handle is where the camera light and the microphone mount with two XLR inputs are located.

The controls for the XLR device are located on the side opposite the XLR inputs. Two XLR audio inputs with 24 bit high quality Linear PCM audio recording make up the audio inputs. Selectable controls include +48V, Mic, and Line for each channel.

Internal Camera Light

The light features a scroll wheel immediately behind it that makes it simple to adjust the brightness from 30% to 100%. When we need to rapidly illuminate our topic at an event, especially if we are on the go, we utilize this as a fill light.

SD card holder

We enjoy this feature since it automatically switches SD cards when the first one fills up during recording, preventing any loss of film. Tip: Use PRO SD cards and verify their write speeds in addition to their size.

For connecting to an external hard drive as a storage device, there is a 3G-SDI (BNC) and a 5CFV. Unlimited recording periods in 4K at 60p are possible because of the advanced internal heat dispersion system on an incredibly small fan that draws air from the main body’s back vent.

Batteries and a power source

The Panasonic HC X2000’s original battery provides around 4 hours of recording time. There isn’t a separate external battery charger since it’s more convenient to just put the power adapter into the camera, which will then charge the batteries.

This is really helpful since it takes up less room in the carry bag, and we all know that having fewer pieces of equipment is always advantageous unless there is a willing pack animal to perform the heavy lifting


A tiltable 3.5-inch monitor and simultaneous eyepiece display make up the Touchable Display. Even when the EVF is not being utilized, the LCD/EVF is always on.

The touchable touchscreen is used to access the settings menu, and a push/scroll wheel is located on the body beneath the viewfinder for simple scrolling and mode selection.

This camera has the same features as more powerful professional cameras. It contains user-friendly features and user-assigned buttons that you may select for one-touch control of your preferred shooting settings.


The smallest and lightest’ 4K 60p camcorders in the industry, according to Panasonic, is the HC X2000. It has a small body with weight distribution in the middle. With the rocker zoom button right where you need it, it is excellent for one-handed operation.


In our perspective, the Panasonic HC X2000 is a fairly priced piece of equipment because it costs less than $2000 and has occasionally been on sale for as little as £1800. Compare prices and let us know if you discover a better offer elsewhere so we can pass it along.


The Panasonic HC X2000 is a very well-kept piece of technology that is jam-packed with features and deserves to hold the title of being the smallest in its class.

This concludes our evaluation of the Panasonic HC X2000. I think I’ve given you enough information on the components and operations of the camera.

I went through every component of the camera, starting with the Leica lens and moving on to the twin SD card slots, slow-motion capability, weight, and professional features.

This is unquestionably a top-tier little, compact professional video camera with all the features that you could find on more expensive, bigger versions that cost over £3,000.

Panasonic X2000 Conclusion


Resolução do SensorEfetivo: 8,29 megapixels
Tipo de Sensor1/2.5″-Type MOS Sensor
Estabilização de imagemSensor-Shift
Óptica em lente integrada
Filtro ND embutidoRoda de filtro mecânico com filtros transparentes, 2 paradas (1/4), 4 paradas (1/16), 6 paradas (1/64) ND
Tipo de capturaFotos e vídeos

Controle de exposição

Tipo de ObturadorPersiana Eletrônica
Velocidade do obturador1/30 to 1 Second
Ganho0 to 30 dB
Controle preciso da taxa de varreduraNão
Iluminação mínima1.5 Lux at 1/30 Shutter Speed
balanço de branco2.000 a 15.000 mil


Comprimento focal4.1 to 98.9mm (35mm Equivalent Focal Length: 25 to 600mm)
Taxa de zoom óptico24x
Zoom digital máximo32x ( in UHD 4K)
48x ( in 1080p)
Abertura Máximaf/1.8
Abertura Mínimaf/4
Design óptico14 Elements in 11 Groups
Distância Mínima de FocoWide: 3.9″ / 10.0 cm
Telephoto: 47.2″ / 1.2 m
Tamanho do filtro62 mm
anéis de controleFoco
Controle de FocoAuto-foco
Foco manual

Captura de vídeo

Modos de Gravação InternaH.265/MOV 4:2:0 10-Bit
3840 x 2160 at 23.98/24.00/25/29.97/50/59.94/119.88 fps [150 to 200 Mb/s]
MOV 4:2:2 10-Bit
3840 x 2160 at 23.98/25/29.97 fps [150 Mb/s]
1920 x 1080p at 23.98/25/29.97/50/59.94 fps [50 to 200 Mb/s]
1920 x 1080i at 50/59.94 fps [50 to 100 Mb/s]
H.265/MP4 4:2:2 10-Bit
3840 x 2160 at 50/59.94 fps [72 to 100 Mb/s]
MP4 4:2:0 8-Bit
3840 x 2160 at 23.98/25/29.97 fps [72 Mb/s]
1920 x 1080p at 23.98/50/59.94 fps [50 Mb/s]
AVCHD 4:2:0 10-Bit
1920 x 1080p at 50/59.94 fps [25 Mb/s]
1920 x 1080i at 50/59.94 fps [17 to 21 Mb/s]
1280 x 720 at 50/59.94 fps [8 Mb/s]
P2 4:2:2 10-Bit
1920 x 1080p at 50/59.94 fps [50 Mb/s]
1920 x 1080i at 50/59.94 fps [25 to 50 Mb/s]
1280 x 720 at 50/59.94 fps [25 to 50 Mb/s]
Fast-/Slow-Motion SupportSim
Tipo de microfone embutidoEstéreo
Gravação de áudioMOV: 2-Channel 24-Bit LPCM Audio
MP4: 2-Channel 24-Bit AAC Audio
AVCHD: 2-Channel 24-Bit AC-3 Audio
Transmissão IPH.264, RTMP, RTP, RTSP
1920 x 1080
1280 x 720
640 x 360
320 x 180

Captura de imagem fixa

Proporção da tela4:3
Formato de arquivo de imagemJPEG


Slot de cartão de memória/mídiaDual Slot: SD/SDHC/SDXC/microP2 Hybrid
E/S de vídeo1 x Saída BNC (3G-SDI)
1 x Saída HDMI
E/S de áudio1 x Saída de fone de ouvido estéreo TRS de 1/8″ / 3,5 mm
2 x Entrada de microfone/linha XLR de 3 pinos (+48 V Phantom Power)
E/S de alimentação1 x Proprietary (11.4 to 12.6 VDC) Input
Outras E/S1 x Micro-USB Data Input
1 x 2.5 mm Sub-Mini Input/Output
Sem fio2.4 GHz Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n)
Posicionamento Global (GPS, GLONASS, etc.)Nenhum


Resolução2.760.000 pontos
Tipo de exibiçãoLCD touchscreen articulado


ModeloRemovable Electronic (LCD)
Resolução1.560.000 pontos


Tipo de FocoFoco automático e manual
Modo de fócoAutomático, foco manual

De Meio Ambiente

Temperatura de operação32 a 72°F / 0 a 40°C
Umidade Operacional10 to 80%

Em geral

Tipo de BateriaSérie Panasonic AG-VBR
Consumo de energia7.9 W
Rosca de montagem do tripé1/4″-20 Fêmea
Montagem de acessório1 x Montagem de Sapata Fria
Luz de vídeo embutidaSim
Dimensões (L x A x P)10.1 x 6.3 x 5.1″ / 25.7 x 15.9 x 12.9 cm
Peso3.31 lb / 1.5 kg

Informações de embalagem

peso do pacote5.825 lb
Dimensões da Caixa (CxLxA)12.8 x 11.1 x 8.6″

Panasonic X2000 Price

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