Advice on Purchasing Odd Gear I Really Wish I’d Gotten It Earlier

The internet contains a wealth of information that may be utilized as a guide while shopping for equipment. People will give you advice ranging from “invest thousands of dollars on gear” to “all you need is a stick and a brick.” I make an effort to be somewhere in the middle, and I make purchases of equipment based on considerations such as return on investment, necessity vs want, and return on creativity.

Maybe it’s just because I’m getting older, but these days there is seldom any new equipment or release that gets my blood pumping. It’s a challenge for me to stay on top of all the newest releases. I’ll be there as soon as the light turns on. If it isn’t already, I’ll think about it some more. However, I’m not here to tell you which pieces of gear I like and which pieces of gear I don’t like. I would want to use this opportunity to pass along some guidance I was given on the updating of equipment, which I believe to be highly pertinent for many photographers.

Let’s face it: most of us are not full-time professionals. Because of this, it is helpful to be aware of the features of a camera that you require and those that you do not. For instance, what I look for in a camera is completely different from what someone who shoots sports will look for in a camera. Because of this, I do not possess a Canon 1D X but rather a Canon 5DS.

I’m not very good with technology, but I get really excited about new gear.

It’s possible that you’ve already realized that I’m not the best person to ask about purchasing recommendations for cameras at this point. Other writers are a far better source of information on such subjects. Nevertheless, when the package containing the Canon 5DS was delivered to my house, I was thrilled. This was not only because I had been looking forward to purchasing a camera with a high resolution, but also because I knew that using it would enable me to produce higher-quality work. It was a fair purchase to buy the camera because it would be utilized at work right soon, and the return on investment would be satisfactory.

Advice on Purchasing Odd Gear I Really Wish Id Gotten It Earlier 2

When it comes down to it, everybody gets enthusiastic over stuff to some degree or another. That is the norm. After giving some thought to the way I shop for photography equipment, I’ve realized that I have a far larger collection of light modifiers than I have cameras and lenses combined. In fact, acquiring just one Profoto Fresnel set me back an arm and a leg! What gives with that? This is due to the return on creativity that I get from using these pieces of equipment.

Profit from Creative Efforts

This section constitutes the bulk of the article. Simply saying, “this camera will help me produce better images,” is what we mean when we talk about “return on creativity.” That may come out as pompous, but it is in fact reasonable. There is a certain feeling that is evoked by using a specific lens, camera, light modulator, and so on. It is a purchase made from the heart. The vast majority of the modifiers in my bag were never used in any commercial productions. Despite this, I still have them for use in my creative work. They make me eager to learn more.

Very few people will be able to discern the subtle distinction between the light that comes from a Profoto and the light that comes from a Godox strobe. Light is light, plain, and simple. At the same time, using Profoto is an experience that is incomparably more fulfilling. The analogous reasoning may be used to film cameras. There is no technical justification for the usage of a film camera in this day and age. The convenience of digital much exceeds that of analog. However, the experience, the aesthetic, and the way film photography make you feel all provide a great return on creativity, which in turn makes you enthusiastic about photography.

When it comes to my cameras, I treat them like workhorses. As long as they continue to perform their job, I don’t care how much abuse they receive. Despite this, I get an incredible rush whenever I peek through the lens and watch as the image materializes in front of my very eyes. The satisfaction of hearing the shutter click is the same. When I get my hands on Phase One, the sensation intensifies. Even if having a medium format camera won’t make me a better photographer, having one will make me a more happy one.

The rate of return on an investment

The logical individual will measure the upgrade based on the return on their investment. To put it succinctly, all you have to do is consider the cost of the equipment you want to purchase and determine whether or not the work you anticipate receiving will be sufficient to cover that cost. In the simplest words. If you want to go more in-depth, it is important to evaluate whether or not you need to make the purchase based on the additional work that will be brought in by the new equipment.

Advice on Purchasing Odd Gear I Really Wish Id Gotten It Earlier 1

For instance, I understood that if I invested in a 5DS camera, I would be able to take photographs with a greater quality, which wasn’t feasible with my previous camera. The amount of detail that is collected may be even more precise, and the crops might get even wilder. Both of these were not available in the past, but now that they are, I have been able to find new employment.

Very few people were able to immediately tell the difference between the 5D Mark IV and the 5DS. The devil, as they say, was in the details. Therefore, the most logical method to go about upgrading is to determine whether or not the new equipment would result in new job opportunities.

Comparison of Creative Work to Financial Investing

Where may one find the ideal level of harmony? That is an excellent question, to which there is no single correct response that can be given. If you can see that you can afford new equipment, and you can see the ways in which it will make you more eager to shoot photographs, then you should acquire it. Now, a distinct topic to consider is how much of that “return on creativity” can be rationalized. Before shelling out any cash, I do my best to have an open and honest conversation with myself.

For instance, I leased a Fresnel lens before shelling out a lot of money. After using it, I fell in love with it and desired one for myself; thus, when I saw that there was a unit available for sale, I purchased it. It does not appear to have covered its costs. To tell you the truth, I could shoot the vast majority of ads with only a couple of softboxes and a Para 133. On the other hand, I’ve utilized the Fresnel lens for a lot of different creative and ambitious assignments, and it’s allowed me have more fun being a creative person rather than an image creator.

Advice on Purchasing Odd Gear I Really Wish Id Gotten It Earlier

Final Considerations

Whether you decide to buy anything or not is ultimately up to you. If you are the type of person who wants the greatest possible return on their investment, you should avoid making purchases unless it is absolutely necessary for you to do so. But if you want to shoot with class, by all means, do so!

As is the case with my wardrobe, I have no problem shelling out more cash for some things if I believe that using them would enhance the quality of my life. Nobody ever said that your gear couldn’t be something that makes you happy. Have a good time, take it easy, and build something awesome using the tools of your choice.

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