Rode introduces the VideoMic Go II, which improves sound capture and includes USB-C output.

Rode has now released the VideoMic Go, a new version of its popular handheld microphone. It’s known as the VideoMic Go II, and it comes with a slew of new capabilities.

The microphone has been redesigned, which is the most noticeable difference. It’s a little version of Rode’s professional NTG and NTG5 shotgun mics in many aspects.

VideoMic Go II

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That is, rather than having a plain all-foam shell, the unit has the appearance and feels of a small shotgun mic, with the same acoustic design as the aforementioned NTG-series microphones.

It’s also “very directional,” like any decent shotgun mic, which means you can use it to record vlogs, pieces to camera, and talking-head style shots while ensuring the predominant audio captured is the talent’s voice rather than a lot of background noise.

Rode’s latest portable mic also includes a USB-C connector in addition to the standard 3.5mm TRS output, allowing it to connect to nearly any recording device.

That means you may link it to your camera, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, among other devices. It’s also compatible with Rode’s suite of mobile and desktop apps, including Rode Connect, Rode Central, and Rode reporting, thanks to the USB-C adapter.

VideoMic Go II 2

It’s a passive mic, which means it doesn’t require batteries and is extremely light. It’s lightweight and portable, weighing only 89 grams and measuring 150mm in length. It comes with a shock-absorbing mount and a cold-shoe mount for quick camera mounting.

If you decide to buy one, the Rode VideoMic Go II will set you back only $99 in the United States. We’re still waiting on prices from the United Kingdom and Europe.

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