Sony wants to introduce you to their Alpha SLT-A77 DSLR Digital Camera (Body Only). This DSLR has a number of items going for it, not the least of which is the 24.3Mp sensor. Think of all the opportunities 24.3 megapixels of resolution has: mural sized prints, incredible detail, rich color, and more! If you’ve been craving the pixel power of the medium format back, but in a DSLR rig, today your wait is over.

Sony Alpha a77: Price

Sony also gave the A77 their 2nd generation Translucent Mirror Technology system. What does this technology do? It allows the camera to focus with the rate and accuracy of Phase Detection AF and shoot at the same time. This is an unheard of capability in the world of digital picture taking, well until now, that is. The camera also features Sony’s upgraded BIONZ image processor. The processor performs many functions, including efficiently transferring shot data to the chip in your storage card. It also reduces visual noise, and ensures that functions such as 6-picture layering and 2D/3D Sweep Panorama work easily, and with the necessary speed.

More than a still camera, the SLT-A77 also captures high-quality 1920 x 1080p AVCHD video at 60p or 24p. You can even choose to record at 60i. HD movies can also be captured with full manual control. That means the entire mode dial is at your disposal: Plan, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, and Manual. Live Look at, Full-Time Live Watch (in LCD or EVF) are also available for use as is Full-Time Stage Recognition AF. The latter of program being an intelligent way to correct focus automatically, while you concentrate on the scene at hand.

What the DSLR also offers, above and beyond most less-sophisticated cameras, is a viewfinder, the way all your heroes used to shoot. The A77’s OLED viewfinder gets your attention off the LCD screen and into the right circumstance for capturing successful images. Like all viewfinders, this one retains distractions and glare at bay. But what the OLED viewfinder will that’s far beyond the pack includes a reduction of motion blur on the Tru-Finder display. The OLED features 2359K dots of resolution and a high contrast ratio. In addition, it allows you to see the results of camera adjustments in real time with true-to-lifestyle color and detail.

Of training course, the SLT-A77 does have an LCD display screen too, but not merely any monitor. This one tilts and swivels for everything from hard-to-get pictures to successful reviewing of footage in harsh lighting conditions. What else does this type of LCD permit you to do? How about self-portraits? (We all know you take them… every ‘creative’ photographer does!) When it’s not in use, the screen folds toned to the camera for safe storage and traveling.

As far as shooting performance is concerned, in regards to all things internal in the camera, the A77 backs up those 24.3Mp with the kinds of features and features one would expect. First, the camera works with burst shooting up to 12 frames per second at full quality; that’s great news for sports photographers. The A77 also boasts a super-short lag time of only 0.05 seconds. Then there’s the 16,000 ISO sensitivity and the 1200-zone direct exposure metering. The metering function reads directly from the camera’s main image sensor and offers the choice of Multi, Center, and Spot metering.

As for more proprietary shooting features, the camera includes a load of those too! While you can shoot on manual, you might find yourself playing with all the built-in options for expressing your creativity. First off, there’s the dual control dials that give you access to two settings at once. All the traditional P/A/S/M exposure modes can be found there. Getting into the menu functions you’ll find options such as for example 19-point Auto Focus, Object Tracking AF, and 6-image layering just to start. Dig a little deeper and Handheld Twilight mode and Multi-Frame NR are there to help you capture excellent low-light pictures.

You can also find extras such as built-in GPS. The included GPS receiver records the location and time of every shot you take, allowing you to watch them later on a map with compatible computer and Internet applications. This feature is also great for those into ‘geo-tagging’. Eleven Picture Effects modes also give you another way to express yourself with choices like Pop Color, Retro Image, Toy Camera, and even more. Old standards like face detection and Sony’s Smile Shutter technology is there for your make use of as well.

Like any good DSLR worthy of its salt, Sony gave the SLT-A77 a built-in flash for capturing low-light shots with ease. That same flash can also trigger an optional wireless flash. The camera also has an integrated hot shoe for attaching various external flashes and flash components (sold separately).

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