Sony announces that Sony Airpeak will launch in the spring, developing drones based on “3R technology”

Sony has announced that it will enter the drone market in 2021 with Sony Airpeak – a new drone business that the manufacturer will launch inside spring next year.

The Sony Airpeak announcement was made via the Japanese Sony website, which stated that the manufacturer’s approach to making the best camera drones will be based on “‘3R technology’ – reality, real-time and remote.”

Clearly, Sony will face a very uphill battle in this sector, which is dominated by the very best DJI drones. In that sense, it could be a similar situation to the company’s attempts in the smartphone sector; despite producing some of the best camera phones, Sony currently holds less than a 1% marketplace share.

Of course, drones and phones are two completely different markets – and despite its dominance, DJI has had far from an easy road in terms of its company. So could Sony make an effective challenge?

The Sony Airspeak website boasts a mission statement, “To the top of creativity”. It proclaims a dedication to: “Imaging and sensing that expand human potential, and AI robotics. Bringing together the technologies we have built up so far, we will transform the realm of the sky into an endless creative space from an unprecedented free perspective. Unleash the constraints and lead to an experience that is now unknown.”

Below is the official video teaser, and following is the full press announcement from Sony Japan. 

Sony Corporation has started a new drone project in the field of AI robotics.
The spread of drones these days has greatly contributed to the delivery of images that could not be seen before, and to the efficiency and labor-saving of operations in the industrial field. Sony has designated the brand as “Airpeak” with the intention of contributing to the further development of drones and the creation of the highest value by utilizing imaging & sensing technology and “3R technologies” of reality, real-time, and remote.

Airpeak aims to fully support the creativity of video creators, further develop entertainment, and contribute to further efficiency and labor-saving in various industries. In addition, we will promote the task so that it can be used with peace of mind with the best level of safety and reliability even in environments where it was difficult to use drones.

In the future, Sony will continue to disseminate information related to the project, and will continue co-creation activities to receive feedback from drone users through the opportunity to experience Airpeak, and can prepare for the start of business in the spring of 2021.

We are planning to start recruiting professional supporters who can participate in this activity in the near future.

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