Sony H300 Review

The brand new 20 megapixel Cyber-shot DSC HX300 replaces the HX200 in Sony’s ultra-zoom line-up. When I had been a youngster we viewed Sci-Fi films and go through Sci-Fi novels that predicted all of the new inventions that could make our life more fun later on. Among the things that no one predicted, back that day time, was mobile phones and as a result cell phone cameras. Just a couple of years following the change of the 21st hundred years a whole fresh demographic was born-the cellular phone camera professional photographer – and P&S camera manufacturers started losing marketplace share to cell phone manufacturers. Digital camera producers responded by producing actually smaller (much smaller sized than smartphones) ultra-small P&S digicams and by presenting two brand-new types of Point and Shoot digital cameras; the Ultrazoom digital camera (with zooms that ranged from about 25x or more) and the journey zoom camera (with zooms that ranged from 10x to 25x). For most practical-minded customers the only real reason to get a separate camera will be if it can that something their cellular phone digital camera can’t do-like providing more time zoom ranges, and for most of these folks, the even more zoom, the higher.

Sony H300: Price

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Sony H300: Build and Design

The HX300 bears a striking resemblance to its predecessor. Therefore what’s various? I’ve examined ultrazoom digital cameras from Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, Samsung, and Canon and the optical overall performance of most those cameras have been actually much better than anticipated, however, the AF techniques and IS systems simply weren’t around the duty of quickly locking (and keeping) concentrate on distant topics and keeping digital camera shake at telephoto configurations from negatively influencing subject matter sharpness. The HX300’s fresh lens, fast optimum aperture, enhanced AF and improved IS techniques have considerably ameliorated those problems. As the HX300 won’t let you know where you are usually and you’ll need to wait and soon you make contact with your Personal computer to create your newest pictures on Facebook, this camera features better “perfect out from the camera” picture high quality than any ultrazoom I’ve utilized. The HX300 appears like an entry-degree DSLR and functions polycarbonate entire body over metallic alloy frame building. Fit and end are consistently outstanding and weather/dirt/moisture seals look like more than sufficient. The camera features a somewhat grainy flat dark exterior and appears utilitarian-this isn’t the digital camera for stylists

Sony H300: Ergonomics and Controls

The HX300’s control design is efficiently designed and all buttons are logically placed and come easily at hand for right-handed shooters, but they are rather small-with the exception of the shutter button. The very best deck includes a standard-setting dial, a big raised shutter switch (with zoom toggle surround), the LCD/EVF key, a focus button, and a custom made button. The trunk deck features the compass switch, the review switch, a menu key, and the delete button. Sony totally skips the event switch and the rotary jog dial encircling the compass change that is nearly ubiquitous in cameras of the kind. The HX300 functions the very best handgrip I’ve observed up to now. A large/heavy hold with a thumb sleep sits on the trunk of the digital camera for additional stability in dealing with. The HX300’s one-contact video Report/Stop button is really a bit smaller sized than it must be, nonetheless it is completely positioned in order that it may be used without needing the shooter to check from the LCD/EVF when beginning or stopping the movie.

Sony H300: Conclusion

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300 has strong image stabilization to back again up its 50x contact lens; excellent display quality for its course; and a big range of shooting choices for all degrees of photographers.


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