This Fall, Tamron’s 50–400mm Mega Telephoto Zoom For Sony Mirrorless Will Be Available.

Tamron says it is making a 50-400mm f/4.5-6.3 Di III VC VXD (Model A067) ultra-telephoto zoom lens for Sony E-mount full-frame mirrorless cameras. The 8x zoom lens is expected to come out in the fall of 2022, but the company says that “due to the current global health crisis, the release date or product supply schedule could change.”

This monster super telephoto lens is the 16th lens in Tamron’s Di III line. It is made for the popular Sony mirrorless camera line. The wide zoom range of 50-400mm makes it a good choice for travel. It’s also a good choice for shooting sports where changing the angle of view quickly is important (the zoom ring only turns 75°).

The length of the Tamron 50-400mm f/4.5-6.3 is only 183mm/7.2in, and it weighs a good 1,155g (40.7oz). Tamron’s VXD (Voice-coil eXtreme-torque Drive) linear motor focus system is used in the autofocus system. It is very quiet and quick. Tamron’s VC image stabilization system is also built into this lens (Vibration Compensation).

The weatherproof lens can also focus very close, with a maximum magnification ratio of 1:2 (half lifesize) and a minimum focusing distance of 25cm/9.8 at the 50mm end of the zoom.

Most Tamron Di III lenses for mirrorless cameras have the same 67mm filter size. This means that when you use multiple lenses together, you won’t need as many filters or adaptor rings.

There is a port that lets you connect the lens to Tamron’s Lens Utility, which lets you change how the Focus Limiter works. An optional extra will be a tripod foot that works with Arca Swiss.

No information has been released yet about how the lens works or how much it will cost.

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