Two solid sources confirmed Sony will soon announce a super-compact FF E-mount camera and that it will be named “Sony A7c“. The “c” obviously standing for “compact”. This camera will be the first and Sony entry-level camera of the new “c” line that will run on parallel to the current A7-A9 cameras. A third source (THANKS!) also told me this:

“pre-launch codes for bodies start CX, lenses start VX.”

So what he says is there will be a new line of cameras and a new line of lenses. My guess is the “V” lenses will be very compact for this compact “Sony A7C” camera. Sony’s goal is to make a super compact FF series for vloggers and travelers. The camera having a popup EVF smaller than A7III body size and a new line of compact lenses.

Sony A7c specs:

  • In mid-September, Sony will announce the new “Sony A7c” entry-level Full-Frame compact camera
  • similar Sony A7III specs (SAR note: I guess it means same 24MP sensor and same AF performance)
  • It has the same Sony A7sIII fully articulating screen
  • body size of the A6600
  • The camera will be marketed for vloggers and YouTubers
  • The battery is NP-FZ100,
  • USB is Type-C.
  • it has a single SD card slot
  • It has both a mic-in and a headphone jack
  • Wi-Fi (11a/b/g/n/ac) and Bluetooth
  • the price will be above A7III (slightly above $2,000)
  • New lens line will be announced too: The compact lenses will have the code “V”


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