Sony has quadrupled the amount of data that can be stored on memory cards that use the CFexpress Type A standard.

This card type now has a maximum capacity of 640 gigabytes, and Sony has introduced two new CFexpress Type A memory cards to coincide with the introduction of their new Sony FX30 camera.

Sony was an early leader in the creation of the CFexpress Type A card, which is fundamentally distinct from the CFexpress Type B cards which are the more prevalent type of card currently in use. In the year 2020, the format became accessible for the very first time in order to be used with the Sony A7S III.

Today, Type A cards are also used as the replacement memory for Sony’s A1, a7 IV, FX3, and FX6 cameras, in addition to the recently released FR7 PTZ camera and the upcoming FX30 camera. These cameras all use Type A cards. There is a possibility that Sony’s product list includes these photographic devices.

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In addition to the 80GB and 160GB cards that are already on sale, Sony will shortly make available two more CFexpress Type A Tough cards, each of which will have a capacity of 320GB or 640GB.

The cards offer a high-speed performance, with a maximum writing speed of up to 700MB/s – and a Video Performance Guarantee, or “VPG400,” which provides sustained writing speeds of up to 400MB/s and enables 4K 120p high bit rate video shooting. In addition, the cards have a maximum reading speed of up to 900MB/s. These two features each offer a maximum of 700MB/s for their respective writing speeds at their respective maximums.

According to what we have been told, the Tough designation denotes that the products have been tested and shown to be resistant to water and dust as well as sturdy enough to allow reliable long-term photography in a variety of settings. In addition, the products have been shown to have passed these tests.

There are a number of companies that create CFexpress Type A cards, including Lexar, Prograde, Delkin, and Exascend; however, none of these companies has yet introduced cards with a capacity that can compete with any of Sony’s more recent additions.

The 320GB variant of the new memory card from Sony will be available for purchase starting in October for $650, which is comparable to £600 and AU$1,299. In December, the 640GB card will be available for purchase at a price of around $1,250, which is equal to £1,200 and AU$2,499.




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