Sony Airpeak Drone unveiled at CES 2021

Back in November 2020, we first posted on Sony’s intention to join the drone business, but all we had at that stage was the name AirPeak and a promotional video displaying nothing more than a logo.

But on the first day of the global electronics show, the Sony CES 2021 keynote presentation unveiled pictures of the latest drone system and offered a hint of its capability.

The Airpeak drone on show, introduced by Mr Kenichiro Yoshida, Sony’s Chairman, President and CEO, is a competent four-rotor drone capable of raising what looks like a Sony mirrorless full frame camera.

Sony Airpeak Image 1
(Image credit: Sony)

We do not yet know whether this is the only Airpeak drone to be released initially or whether there will be more, but it seems as if Sony is not trying to compete with regular DJI and other camera drones, where the camera is integrated into the drone, but instead is going to target the professional sector and go up against full-on cinema and film drones. This will tie in with the aspirations of Sony in the cinema market.

From the frame, it is not clear what Sony camera is fitted to the drone, but it looks quite like a Sony A9 mounted in a cage that may have built-in gimbal engines.

As soon as we have it, we’re going to bring you more news, but in the meantime, here are some more pictures from the Sony video.

Sony Airpeak Image 2
(Image credit: Sony)
Sony Airpeak Image 3
(Image credit: Sony)

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