Making Stunning Portraits on a Budget Has Never Been Easier

We photographers are gear junkies. If you’re anything like me, you undoubtedly have a nook (or a basement) somewhere that’s crammed full of various photographic accessories, including filters, lenses, lights, and more. The fact is that we don’t need a tonne of costly gear to generate spectacular results, and in my most recent video, I will demonstrate how to create portraits in the style of Rembrandt with only a single flash from an off-brand and a little modifier.

I utilized a Yongnuo Speedlite for Canon cameras, a Yongnuo transmitter, and a Joe McNally 24″ Ezybox for the sake of this lesson. I utilized the white rear wall of my studio as a background, and because I was just a few feet in front of it when I took the images, the white wall came out looking grey in the pictures, so I didn’t need to use a grey paper backdrop.

In the video, I also illustrate how merely rotating your subject’s head to the left or right will generate a whole different appearance without the need to change the modifier. This is something that can be done quickly and easily.

When I was first starting out, the thought of having to learn how to use studio lighting to make portraits made me feel completely overwhelmed. Due to the overwhelming number of alternatives, including modifiers, strobes, continuous lights, mounting systems, and more, I decided to utilize an off-camera flash and experiment with it before investing in any more costly strobes.

I believe that this is how most of us start off, therefore there is a good probability that you already have at least part of this stuff stowed away in your gear cemetery, waiting to be put to use. I really hope you have fun watching the video!

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