The A7R V and A9 III cameras from Sony may not be released until late 2022.

According to rumors concerning the predicted Sony A7R V and Sony A9 III, the chip scarcity might cause Sony’s upcoming mirrorless camera releases to be severely delayed.

According to the reputable Sony Alpha Rumors, Sony is “planning to focus on lens announcements during the first half of 2022,” with the forthcoming 24-70mm f/2.8 GM II and 85mm f/1.2 GM rumored to be among those announced.

However, Sony’s next mirrorless cameras, the Sony A7R V and Sony A9 III aren’t due until “the second part of the year,” with “the majority of new cameras released in fall 2022.” “This strategy has been necessitated by the fact that the chip scarcity will continue until 2022, with things likely to ease only by very late 2022,” according to Sony Alpha Rumors.

Given recent developments, the rumors aren’t totally surprising. Sony temporarily halted orders for the Sony ZV-E10, a camera that has only been available for a few months after its July announcement. This was “due to the consequences of worldwide semiconductor shortages,” according to Sony.

This comes after Sony said in November that the manufacture and sales of numerous lower-end cameras, including the Sony A6400, Sony A6100, and the older full-frame Sony A7 II camera, will be halted. According to a Japanese expert published in Nikkei Asia, the issue isn’t only a lack of semiconductors, but also “power supply ICs, audio codecs, and numerous other components.”

None of this bodes well for next year’s camera introductions. Following the announcement of the Sony A7 IV, the two most probable successors to the Sony A7R IV (its high-resolution full-frame camera) and the Sony A9 II are expected to arrive soon (its speedy pro sports camera).

While Sony has shown that it is willing to put lower-end models with smaller APS-C sensors ahead of its newer full-frame models, it appears that the Sony A7R V and Sony A9 III – if they are indeed next in line for launch – will be delayed until the chip shortage is hopefully resolved in the first half of 2022.

Instead of cameras, a year to improve abilities

The worldwide chip scarcity, coupled with other aggravating issues, appears to have become worse for the camera sector in the second half of 2021, which will definitely have knock-on repercussions for 2022 releases.

In mid-2021, camera companies like Nikon and Canon were still claiming that stock shortages and delays were caused by demand outstripping supply, a convenient excuse that helped launch the Nikon ZFC and Canon EOS R5.

However, even the stoic Canon recently alluded to the “effect of global components supply” when it announced that “it may take more than half a year to deliver” new Canon EOS R3 orders. Camera shipments are likewise far from rebounding, according to the latest CIPA numbers for October.

Given this context, it’s not unexpected that the speculated Sony A7R V and Sony A9 III won’t be released until the second half of 2022. If Sony is working on an A9 III, it will most certainly want it in the hands of professional photographers for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which begins on November 21.

However, this year’s experiences have taught us that no launch date is fixed in stone. As a result, photographers would be wise to see any new arrivals as a bonus in 2022 and instead focus on getting more out of their present gear.

Firmware upgrades, which might bring some of the Sony A7 IV’s new capabilities to current models like the A7R IV and A9 II, should be unaffected by chip shortages. With Sony’s G Master lens announcements showing no signs of slowing down, there’s sure to be enough for Sony camera lovers to look forward to next year – even if upgrading to a new body may be more difficult than normal.

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