The Nikon Z9 includes a ‘cat meow’ shutter sound, which isn’t a joke.

It’s not April Fool’s Day, but the Nikon Z9 features a shutter sound effect that sounds like a cat meowing.

The Nikon Z9, while being a flagship professional camera, does not appear to be taking itself too seriously. Two of the Big N’s representatives exhibited a variety of camera functions during the CP+ 2022 event in Japan, including the ability to make the shutter sound like a cat (play the video below).
The Nikon duo demonstrated that the Z9 can generate the sound of a meowing cat when the shutter is depressed, with a lot of grins and laughter. Remember that the Nikon Z9 doesn’t have a mechanical shutter; it’s entirely electronic, so whatever sound it makes is entirely artificial. As a result, the sound of a camera shutter isn’t required.

“Please, it’s not a fighting cat that can be heard outside the flat in the middle of the night,” one of them laughed.

The team also showed how the camera shutter could play a clip of one of them speaking, implying that you can record your own sound and entirely personalize the noise your camera produces.

Other effects, such as trains, appear to be possible via highly faulty machine translation. More relevant shutter noises, such as those of the Nikon D750 and Nikon F4, were also investigated, according to Nikon Rumors.

The point is that these new sound effects would be introduced via firmware upgrades, with the public’s reaction being totally dependent on how they react. Nikon (or, at the very least, Nikon Japan) appears to be seriously considering the move.

“That’s something that’s in production right now,” said one of the presenters.

“The function itself is will not necessarily be installed in the Z9 in the future. I’ve been thinking about it, and it’s been a long time ago… so I said I’d like to see everyone’s reaction.”

What do you think – is this too ridiculous for a camera that costs over six grand? Is a more lifestyle camera, like the Nikon Z FC, a better fit? Or is it a fantastic concept that other manufacturers should copy, bringing the pleasure back into photography?

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